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I was in the Safelite Great American Fraud contest...

When I entered the contest, I shot up to 18th place pretty quickly, then it slowed to a crawl.. I decided to size up the competition, and looked at the other individuals who had entered. I chose the top ten as a starting point, and just took a peek at their walls. They have their name displayed as a hyperlink below each of their images.

When reviewing the competition I noticed that many were using Like-Exchange type websites, and or blogs. If none are you are aware of this process, its where you go to the page, and say I have X amount of votes to trade for X in return. Also, on these sites is a major group of "vote sellers" Here is one example XX

When I was reviewing those profiles, I found that 4 of the top ten all knew each other. I found evidence, took screenshots ... and what not. I was contacted by other contestants who had entered into other contests and lost to those SAME 4 people.. we are not talking about ONE contest here.. several.

This one guy in particular was very vulgar, and rude.. he also admits to blatanly cheating, and owning multiple accounts

Jonathan Ross

Whats peculiar about him, is once I identified him to Safelite publicly he changes his profile name 3-4 times in the span of 10 minutes, what that bright bulb did not realize is that your personal profile URL remains the same...

What is the gas on the fire is .. when you see his entry in the contest.. its under

"Jon Ross"

When you click on the link, it takes you to

"Jon Hamilton"

Who also uses

Jonathan Hamilton

Jon Hamilton

I noticed quite a bit of traffic, and gathered information including this past contest />

ON page 3 there are some interesting comments

Jon Ross/Hamilton

at 06:31PM on August 26, 2012


Vote Seller

at 05:30PM on August 26, 2012


4 of the top ten all related by blood or marriage

Jon Ross

Kim Baker

Michael Uylaki

Kristina Gizynski

I supplied screenshots, I supplied all the evidence I could gather, and notified Safelite.

I was in contact with to notify them of them professional contest cheaters...

Most of you know what their response was, I was disqualified for notifying them of cheaters. After proving their DQ of my entry was not according to their rules, and that I was justified.. they readmitted my entry to the contest.

The next day, I was sent a vote count, and was told I was not in the top ten...

Ok, thats fine I can lose fairly....

Then I noticed that 4 of the top ten winners were the circle of cheaters I had notified Safelite on.. Jon Ross/Kim Baker Engaged, living in the same house...

Michael Uylaki was top spot, and is the cousin of Jon Ross/Hamilton

Kristina Gizynski is the girlfriend/fiance to Michael U

I contacted safelite with all this, and received an answer back, stating sorry the contest is over, better luck next time.

I just want to let you all know that even before the contest was over, they had ALL the information in hand, and are basically refuting the answer

Dont waste your time on contests that are "Like" based

Dont take your buisness to Safelite AutoGlass

if you were a contest entrant, and feel like you deserve better here is their PR managers phone number and address

Melina Metzger, PR Manager

Safelite® Group

2400 Farmers Drive

Columbus, OH 43235


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255 of 506 Safelite AutoGlass reviews
Please post this on Facebook

May 25, 2013 #656205 Houghton, New York, United States

Post this info on Facebook, on safelites page. That will make a difference, I'm sure. Social media is the way to go!

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May 25, 2013 #656207 Kamuela, Hawaii, United States

I did, and the CEO contacted me, they didnt win the contest at the time but since and before have been cheating on contests and ruining them...

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Just me

May 14, 2013 #650591 Germantown, Maryland, United States

THANK YOU for this information. I recently entered a contest and when picked as a semi finalist - I asked my gardening and couponing groups to start voting everyday. There was only a week to get otes in. I was in 1st place, the Kristina Gizynski raced passed me. No biggy. THEN in the lat 2 or 3 days a friend of mine ask her gardening group to ote (800+ members) and they did. My vote count went way up. I was gone that day, attending a funeral and when I came home and realized my otes had shot me up to 2nd place again, I was soo excited. Then oer night, more notes.. until I was back in first place. -- It was all fun Until This Kristina person PM'd me and said I was cheating! Accused me of buying votes and said her and another contestant (her friend) contacted the sponsor, because "its not normal to get that many otes , that quickly".... She PM'd a few more times using foul language and I finally reported her to facebook and blocked her! She was rude and I have never experienced anything like this before. Apparently voting contest can get ugly if someone like Kristina Gizynski doesnt get her way!!!!

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Apr 20, 2013 #639777 Dallas, Texas, United States

She is right, these people are dishonest and Safelite is doing nothing to correct this. They are just as guilty for letting these people win! Stop all the *** and let's let some really honest, talented people win!

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May 10, 2013 #648982

Sad that we know your # Jon?

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May 10, 2013 #649126 Ogden, Utah, United States

They are professional scam artists, winning 10's of thousands of dollars a year

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Mar 04, 2013 #618065

Kristina Gizynski won yet another contest, that so many worked so hard for!

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May 18, 2013 #653026 Dayton, Ohio, United States

yes that kristin gizynski is a scammer and so is her bf and a witch too cause she has no soul , no honesty so when you have no honesty and no soul you know what you are and so does God .

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Sara K.

Jan 30, 2013 #601672

Someone's criminal history does not make me guilty by association. You're an *** for posting other people on his friends list names like they're guilty too. Get a life. Take your issue up with the person you're mad at. And stop hiding behind an alias 'sick and tired' are you worried someone might look into you a little bit?

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sick and tired

Feb 02, 2013 #603052

I had nothing to do with this article and just pointing out this persons character and if knowing that you still associate with him they maybe you are just as much of a criminal as he is.

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Sara K.

Oct 01, 2012 #549512

Re: trying to investigate from Phoenix Arizona, I would appreciate if you didn't group me into a category of people who you consider cheaters just because I am associated with them in one way or another. I am not guilty by association. I would like my full name removed from this site. I have not consented or agreed to have my name published here.

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Sep 27, 2012 #547749

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trying to investigate

Sep 01, 2012 #536980

For some reason, I tried to search "Jon Hamilton cheating contests" and this is just one of the posts that came up. oh yeah! that name is so familiar because he and her fiance Kimberly (it's Kimberly Butler) are ALWAYS joining contests and ALWAYS winning! it's like they hunt for contests and promotions because they know they are going to win. specifically those kind of contests that are via voting. I do join contests too and started to notice these names. Jon/Jonathan Hamilton, Kim Butler, Kimberly Ann, and when I looked on their profiles, yes they are together. Not only they will cheat to win, they will get other contestants (they think are threat on their winning) to be disqualified. They will contact the contest administrator and report other participants and accused them of cheating. how did I know all of these? I'm one of their victims. I was in the Top 3 in one of the contests and suddenly my entry was gone. after that I received an email telling me they disqualified me because my entry got reported more than 20 times! I was like, wow 20 times? either 20 other contestants didn't like me or just one person who used 20 different accounts that really didn't like me and trying to get me DQ.

Not only that, if their names are not in a contest, don't think they didn't join, because they will use a different name possibly a relative's name. and here are what I call their circle of friends, "Sara Anne Kleipe, Heather Miller, Sam Christensen, etc etc. they are
... Show more

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May 18, 2013 #653010 Detroit, Michigan, United States

hun Heather Miller is a personal friend and a REAL person, you might want to keep that in mind, the other names I don't recognize really but Heather is real. I hate this scamming and cheating *** just as much as anyone else on here does and I am not trying to be mean at all but I had to inform you of that one error.

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May 18, 2013 #653016 Anderson, Indiana, United States

Ok not sure who you are but they are not on my list.I dont know kristina but i do know she is a big cheater.There no way in heck i wouldnt work with her.I am honest,I only have one account.Just cause i live in indiana dont mean im in there group.I truly wish that kristina is stopped.This truly hurts that my name was put with kristina.

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Jul 30, 2013 #689992 Houston, Texas, United States

Um, you need to take Heather Miller off the list. She is real, and not a cheater. I'm a friend of hers, and I assure you, she does NOT cheat!

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