Purchased a changeout RUUD system in 2015 from SA Specialties. Very good price as replacement for original system.

Fast and seamless installation. Company dropped price of system 6 months later and I decided to replace my other system although it was still working. Had no problems or issues until this week when both units stopped working. SA Specialties had a technician out late the same day I called.

The technician, Kevin advised me that the condenser motors on both units had died and would have to be replaced. Since it was not a stock item, the motors would have to be ordered and he did not know when they would be available. So we had to endure hot night number two since both units had shut down. The company called me the next morning and advised me that the motors had been secured and that the technician could install them that day.

He came out that afternoon and within 3 hours of his arrival, my inside temperature went from 84 to 76. Every encounter I have had with SA Specialties has been outstanding. I only wish the RUUD units were nearly as good.

Two motors failing on the same day less than 5 years old seems like an inferior product. Thankfully the warranty is good.

User's recommendation: Definitely a company to go to for HVAC needs.

Location: Spring, Texas

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I am having that problem now for the exact same thing.. My unit is only 3 years old and all of a sudden it started to freeze and not cool.

I was down 8!!!!! Pounds of freon and had not noticed any changes in temperature until the very day it froze. How is that even possible???? $50 a pound.....The parts are covered but not the labor (which is about$1500) and they are going to charge $278 to do a leake search!!!!!!

Ridiculous. My other unit lasted 17 years before I had trouble.

I change my filters and service regularly. I am beyond pissed about the cost.

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