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ryan home is a low coast builder ever thing they use from cheap materials to very cheap labor thats y they sell homes for so cheap a good builder cant compete with them. thats y there homes fall apart . build the same kind of house you have with a good builder it will coast you more but you wont have any problems and the value will always go up verses trying to get your money back or even lose money so be smart and god bless and if you do build with ryan keep your eyes open from start to finish of construction and make sure theres a good inspector on the job inspecting every thing

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Ryan Homes will destroy and lower the value of good neighborhoods. Our community had vacant lots amongst custom homes so Ryan purchased them.

Ryan then proceeded to build very cheap houses. They put homes which are mainly comprised of vinyl siding (brick front) amongst homes that are entirely brick.

The interior of the Ryan homes have no trim work, cheap carpet/cabinets/counters, and no landscaping. The ethical values at Ryan Homes are truly lacking...it's all about the almighty dollar in their pockets and is at the expense of others.


That's all Ryan sells, "Square Footage" - big cheap boxes at below market rates. Ryan Homes will never put value in your pocket if it takes money out of theirs.


I've been in my ryan home for 1 year. The mexicans fixing our roof said they were told to originally not put flashing around the chimney to save on cost.

Now we have leaks coming through the drywall in our master bedroom, greeaaattt! They supposedly fixed this problem by breaking down the chimney and putting flashing in. All other Ryan houses in our community got the fix too.

Was flashing left off the rest of the roof? New Albany Ohio


All of you who think that you can get the same square footage ( with the same quality) for less than the current industry rate give me a call. I have a bridge to sell you.

You are the same folks that believe that an Audi and a Ford Focus are of the same quality because they both have wheels.

Ryan sales? Ask another broker if they will show you a Ryan home?


I agree Ryan Homes is a subpar builder with good customer service, but *** poor quality and bandaid approaches to fixing problems. Advice look elsewhere you probably won't regret it.


We purchased a Ryan Home less than a year ago. Since it was our first home purchase, we were ignorant of what to look for, but we did have it inspected.

Now, less than a year later, all the walls are cracking in every corner and every tape strip, the caulk has pulled away from the walls, the cold air blows in around all the baseboards, and the poor quality is showing everywhere.

I would NOT recommend a Ryan home for anyone if you can afford a better quality one! It will cost us twice as much to re-do everything that is falling apart!