This is the mostn unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. Our home was supposed to be completed in March, but we are on April 16, 2013 now.

They have moved our settlement back 3-4 times as well. A person from Ryan homes called us last week and said that we were able to settle earlier. Then another person called and said that we might not because they haven't received the FHA approval. We are supposed to settle on Friday, which today is Tuesday, and we can't settle until the FHA approval is in.

I called HUD yesterday and they said that it takes a minimum of 30 days to approved FHA. Now how in the world can we settle on Friday if they didn't send out the approval to the government until last week. I am so upset right now. I am warning everyone, this whole house buying process has been a disaster.

Home buying is supposed to be fun but I am totally done with everything about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Home Buying.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #657892

This would happen with ANY builder! The loan process is rought because of the financial collapse a few years back.

It's not their fault that you can't get your approval, FHA has strict requirements, I went through the same thing guy a 50 year old house a few years ago... I think you are just being a *** about it...

big deal you are a few weeks behind, custom homes builders can take up to a YEAR or MORE to complete... so stop your whining you little ***

to looking for blame Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, United States #813701

How long have you worked for Ryan Homes? You are rude and a coward!

Identify yourself and let us see who you really are? And stop posting, you serve no purpose to those who have been cheated and the company can stand on its shoddy work without you insulting folks on Ryan Homes behalf!

Richmond, Virginia, United States #644084

Sounds mostly like a misunderstanding. NO ONE at Ryan Homes is obligated or should be expected to do what they say.

NVR isn't bothered in the least by these sort of complaints.

I'm sure they and the Ryan Homes staff are "LMAO" in comments to one another when reading this. Just hope the typical repairs to your new Ryan homes home go a little smoother once you actually close.

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