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I will like to say I have lived in Kingsridge Rd in Eastern Henrico since June 1, 2008 and very unhappy. It was always an issue, it took about a year to get pavement, we had to drive on rocks, constantly g et service on cars for the unpaved parking lot.

Then the builder went bankrupt. Then I then started getting a leak from my master bathroom, this was told to me that it was my fault because I didnt caulk my bathroom... Then just recently my closet fell down, nobody tells you how much can be stored, then once it falls, you can tell they didnt use a stud finder because it was on air, not proffesional at all. Now washing machine *** broke, now I have a flood.

So I'm calling customer service and continue to get a voicemail. Less then two years and so many problems, If you can help it, dont buy with Ryan, good name but not quality work, take it from my experience

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