Port Murray, New Jersey
Not resolved

We bought Ryan homes townhouse, end unit.

Facing both sides of our property. Others walk on our land, and making it a walk through to the other side of the street.Dogs deficating on our lawn, which is right next to the common area.

Even if picked up, some stuff remains

We are also next to a vacant lot, with severe garbage in the shrubs.

We have complaint to our HOA several times, by phone, email.

We received zero response.

Our lawn, etc., is a garbage dump, dog *** park, which is depreciating our property.

We bought a animal deterrent, however, it has not solved the problem.

We would having this situation resolved immediately.

Thank you.

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Write witten letters to your HOA President.


As noted in another comment to this - what does this have to do with the builder of your home? NOTHING.

Why post such nonsense. This is something you need to take up with your neighbors and HOA board.


And what does this have to do with Ryan Homes? How are they responsible for your neighbors bad behavior?