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This house is the worst I have ever been in, the down stairs windows been replaced twice still broke, the wall in going upstairs has to be taken down and reworked the whole wall is bowed, this is just the start. Don’t have Ryan build a house for you, you will be sorry

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They say that a little settling of a house is normal, however in a Ryan home it will continue to settle, the whole entire time that you own it until you go into settlement to sell the place. One year in a dogs life is equivalent to seven years of a human.

One year living in a Ryan home is equivalent to ten years in a well built home. In other words if you live in a Ryan home for three years it will look as if you had lived there for thirty. Your appliances and HVAC equipment will also work as if they are thirty years old as well. During a storm or hurricane the safest place to stay in a Ryan home is in someone else's that isn't one!

Worst piece of garbage that I have ever owned.

I can laugh now but that place was like a brand new handyman special. So many out of pocket expenses for leaks, appliances, siding and HVAC issues on a four year old home that continued until I sold it.