Overland Park, Kansas

Ryan homes is building near our house. The new lots are adjacent to our driveway.

However, Ryan has not yet built a road which can access these lots; therefore people drive down our driveway all day to view the new lots. I even had a Ryan homes representative block my driveway with her car, so I had to leave my kids in my car on the street while I tried to chase her down. She was indignant that I needed to get in my own driveway.

I had a car drive through my rain garden, and countless vehicles turn around in the middle of my yard. Infuriating!

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Please note the Ryan Homes listed above is not Ryan Homes, LLC. We do custom build homes - no developments and we do not put any roads in.

While we are located in Overland Park, KS - all of the jobs we had around this date was performed in brand new subdivisions with no existing homes at that time. Thank you.


What you pay for is what you deserve. I am in a 9 year old home adjacent to a Ryan development.

I have not had any issues with my home. None. But I must say the two year old Ryan homes are regularly visited by contractors correcting poor quality. Do the math folks, the Ryan home will cost you more , even at the build stage.

Not to mention 2 x 4 construction in a temperate zone where the expected standard is 2 x 6. If you want quality for the same price then quote a reputable builder using the same quality material as Ryan, This way you get good construction with the same poor materials.


I say anyone with home construction complaints call 724 336 4227 ask for joe gery or chad parker and address your complaint, funny how these 2 have homes built and when there were problems they were takein care of ASAP .these 2 one a plant manager other a piece of ***. these are homes built in pa cincy or Cleveland.


Whole post is bogus. Ryan Homes is a division of NVR and we do NOT build anywhere in the state of Kansas!


Ryan Homes does build in overland Park KS. Not the NVR brand. This compliant is about the wrong Ryan Homes builder.


C'mon man, Ryan Homes does not build in Kansas.........


This is trespassing. Send them a letter advising to cease and desist or you will be forced to take legal action.


Just a thought. Consider posting a private property sign at your driveway if that is allowed.

It may be possible to have the vehicles towed and owner expense.

Just check local laws there. :)