Wexford, Pennsylvania

Anyone who performs even the most superficial research on Ryan is well aware of the poor quality materials, workmanship and design of Ryan homes yet they sign up to build with Ryan anyway because they want a big, relatively inexpensive home. They hope their experience will be better than the experiences described in this website. However, the only consumers who are even remotely satisfied with Ryan are those who get lucky and whose homes are not rotting from water damage, leaking pipes, etc. or are to ignorant to realize the issues surrounding them.

Builders like Ryan (and even worse Maronda) make it almost impossible for decent builders to survive and as a result, consumers like me are stuck picking from Ryan or Ryanesque quality homes. My wife and I have been looking for two years for a decent quality, moderate sized home for our family, but with few exceptions the homes where we live have been built by Ryan or "builders" who build to Ryan standards. I've asked the building inspectors in three of the municipalities for the names of good builders and all three said "there are no good builders left".

I hope that every person buying a Ryan Home experiences the issues described in this website – you deserve it! Your unwillingness to buy a slightly smaller home and pay for quality is screwing consumers like me. I hope your roof caves in your head – maybe that will knock some sense into you!

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If you really go to church ask your spiritual leader about your conviction of "let it be done unto others, as long as it's not me then I don't care." Myself, I don't deal with people who have knowingly caused great harm for profit, even when taking a morally higher road brings on great loss to myself.


I'm in the process of checking out builders east of Cincinnati, Oh and Ryan is one of the builders I have met with. Do these problems seem to be across the board in all states that Ryan builds in? I see quite a few comments from folks in VA which is why I am asking.


Ok appreciate the advice, but is all the hate necessary. You sound ignorant.


when you visit a model home don't get in awe of the finishings. open the sink base cabinet, look at the pipes, wiggle them (they shoudln't), head to the basement and look at the floor wall connections for any sign of moisture, cracking, look in the sump pump unit if they have one-if dirty there getting some water-no biggie SOME TIMES, take a level with you and check framing, push and pull on the railings, don't be shy..kick the *** out of the place.

it could take you a life time to get out from under it if you don't.

pay for 2 home inspections if you have too. put a hose on the window seals to check for water leaks, walk in the bath tub to see if it bounces.


Every time I pass a new community on my way to my 80 year old neighborhood I laugh uneasily and grumble. For one, the homes are slapped together but somehow pass the miserably low codes which are lobbied to be that way..on and on.. So, as I drive by and see all the contracted migrant (legal?) workers from Norther VA. hammering away and green space being chewed up to the backdoors of historic neighborhoods, I flip the bird to everyone who contributes to the mess.

I now have to foot the bill through my taxes to pay for overcrowded schools, more Developer Roads, parks for the tuna canned newbies and all the garbage strip stores they bring and we all have to pay for. How many liquor stores and dry cleaners do you need? Well, dry cleaners anyways..

Bought politicians will say the homes are needed for the new influx of people (no jobs for them but welcome anyways). I don't think so. It's more of a let's build a *** load of dwellings and find buyers. *** the schools, congestion, historic spaces, older communities that become the driveway for particle board porches and rotting door frames.


You are absolutely right. I work for NVR and the materials they use now are complete garbage.


You have so much hate in your heart. Why would you wish bad things on people you don't know? You should probably think about going to church on Sunday!!