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Ryan homes, a name you can trust. Hah! New to the USA and the housing market we researched and found that in our area oh Ohio Ryan had the least complaints. We signed up and moved on 31st Dec. The house was nowhere near complete. The building inspector would not pass the house on completion day until 5pm. We had nowhere to live after giving up our apt and were sat in the truck outside the house all day. Furniture being delivered had to be left on the driveway. The fridge was even still in the box in the garage while they finished the kitchen.

That was the beginning. After moving in we found so many faults that we had builders in every day for a month.

Nothing major we thought at the time but lots of annoyances. Ceilings not put into cupboards, vents drywalled over or rooms not vented at all. Furnace in roof space the wrong way round so we were expected to crawl around it to change filters. AC units that had not been connected when it came time to use them. Holes in floors that had been carpeted over. Windows that leaked, Garden that kept subsiding in rain. A window put where they should have been a floor to ceiling stone fireplace, which we actually prefer now!!

And, the icing on the cake, when I had the back garden surveyed to estimate for landscaping I was told that the driveway had been poured onto the next door plot. We had to have the whole driveway dug up and moved 12 feet over thereby losing most of our front lawn and we are still fighting in court for compensation. If you look at the house from the front, it looks symmetrical but look closer and you can see that the shutters on one window are narrower. On asking the builder he told us that the house had been poured incorrectly and that the front is off centre. Nothing can be done about it now but we have lost 2 feet of dining room. Again, still being fought in court.

To be fair to Ryan, their project manager at the time for our sub division did ensure that the majority of the faults were corrected in a timely manner, but for a house bought for over $500,000.00 it is a mess.

I would never buy a new house from anyone ever again in this country after this experience. Pre packed on a low loader like flat packed furniture with workers who are not time served and then a mortgage which is over the top and cannot be refinanced because of the recession, we are left with a white elephant that is lovely to look at, but a nightmare to live in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $520.

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Clearly you have the HighGrove and so do we. Until last night we didn't even realize the ceiling had a furnace in it.

Well, until it began leaking real bad!

Major ceiling damage and this is a holiday weekend… we will be reaching out to Ryan. It's sad as heck!


I would say the issue is standing behind your product and having a system in place to ensure quality construction in the first place....not illegal immigrants.


if you buy a house in this country again? I certainly don't. If companies would stop using ignorant illegal aliens then a lot of these issues would cease to exist.