Cleveland, Ohio

We bought a Ryan Home as a spec home in 2007. The original owners backed out at the last second.

We thought this was great, we got a new home for a decent price. They were smart, because we have had issues ever since. When you buy a brand new home you don't expect to have to start fixing things right out of the gate. We have had several cracks in our basement walls allowing water to get into the basement.

We are told this is from the house "settling". However, my parents built a house 20 years ago (not a Ryan Home) and have never had this issue. Also, our AC is already leaking which we found out is from a damaged coil, which we're told is most likely from when it was installed, so someone had damaged it putting in it! The drain in the basement that the washer uses to dispose of water was blocked because someone had backed into the PVC pipe in the driveway, cracked it, allowing pieces of pipe to clog the drain.

This also resulted in a basement full of water. The windows are drafty and things in general are just falling apart!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

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Same as everyone else who have bought a Ryan home. After the one year warranty has expired they want nothing to do with you!

I have owned my new home for a year and a half and had a water leak in my morning room I called ryan they told me to call the company that installed the roof. After the issue was fixed by the roofing company they sent me a bill for $180.00 for a brand new home and roof?

Like I said same old story with Ryan they suck you in and after the year is up they want nothing, I mean nothing to do with you ever again. Very sad!!!!!


Thank you very much for the information. I'm in the market to purchase a home.


the people they use to roof the houses NAIL into the roof with support runners and don't seal them afterwards..... you notice the leaks AFTER they are out of the neighborhood, and someone will get back to you......

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