Reston, Virginia

Ryan homes completely lied to us when we purchased our home. We were told we were getting a pool, fitness center,for a small fee and could opt out.

After we purchased our home we find there are no amenities,and if we do not pay for a public golf course they can put a lien on our house.

They never gave us all the information,and now we are stuck. Trying to fight this in court is hard, and the sales agents are still lying to people. We cannot sell cause of disclosure and foreclosures are everywhere.

I would not buy a home from Ryan again, and BEWARE of false promises, ask questions, get several attorneys to look at your documents. PROTECT Yourself

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I purchased a Ryan home and was happy with the outcome of the building, but NVR was a nightmare. Theloan officer i had was a lier and a cheat.

She didnt do all she was suppose to such as lock in my rate when i told her to and there was nothing we could do about it.

If i ever by another Ryan Home i will never deal with NVR, I will simply refuse whatever incentives they are offering. :sigh


Master developer -- whatever! Hindsight's 20/20, and I can pick out the moments when the sales rep either flat out lied or "spun" the actual language about a particular topic, when my wife and I were negotiating the contract.

We haven't yet taken delivery on the house, so I can't speak to the quality of the product -- but beware the contract, and the salesperson "helping" you. Get a lawyer -- no deal is worth the headaches you'll have the rest of the time dealing with Ryan!


I'm an NV homeowner (Ryan's sister company under the NVR umbrella) and I have to agree with Chris that this is most likely a master developer issue and not a Ryan issue. Ryan generally reserves lots from the master developer (rather than acting as a master developer themselves) so they are responsible for building their homes only - not responsible for infrastructure or the common areas.

In our community the master developer is going through a really hard time because of the economy, so they were really slacking on providing us with the amenities that the NV sales staff had promised verbally and on the community website. It obviously doesn't do NV any good to have a bunch of pissed off customers, especially since we are such a good referral source for new home sales in our community - so NV stepped up to the plate and made sure that we got the amenities that we were promised. Sorry to hear that your experience was different!

Do you know who the master developer of your community is?? I would be very interested to know.


I have bought a Ryan Homes and this sounds like a developer issue more so than a Ryan Homes issue. Sales Reps usually only represent what they have been told/promised by someone else.

Usually there is a developer at fault in these situations, because they are responsible for what are called "Common Area Improvements". If those were not installed, then that is on the developer.



they did the same thing to us, but we were able to move before the market turned. good luck