Mars, Pennsylvania
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I started as a consumer looking to build or buy a Ryan home as they were rated higher than Maronda in out area. All of my initial contact with the company was pleasing. Great customer service and a promise of quality assurance on the website and in person. The great experience ended once we decided on the purchase of a Ryan home built less than 2 years ago.

We had a home inspector come to the home and he pointed out a few issues with the home that would need addressed that should not have passed building inspection because they were not to code. Before closing on the house, I tried to contact Ryan to have these addressed. I was told that I was not the homeowner and so they could not work with me on the issues (understandable). We were working with a seller that was out of town very often and rather than inconvenience him, we opted to close on the home and deal with Ryan directly as we read promises of how they guarantee the quality of their homes and know 2 close friends and family members that spoke of how easy it was to get Ryan out to fix any issues that had been encountered (and there were many).

After closing, I reached out to Ryan via email on the website. I was contacted by a customer service employee and first told that warranties are not transferable. The website clearly states that it is. I asked for a supervisor and days later I was called and told that yes, it's transferable but am now out of the warrantee period. I stated that the issues are due to the original construction of the home and they create an unsafe home as one major issue is the step into the garage. The supervisor finally agreed to have a project manager contact me after a heated discussion. The project manager called and again refused. To want to correct the issues. After further explanation, he set an appointment, only to not show up for it. Yes, I took off work specifically to be available at his convenience. I called and left a message for a return call which I never received. It's like pulling teeth to get issues fixed that should never exist in the first place. The promise of quality means nothing once they have your money. I have talked with our neighbors and every single one is dissatisfied with their home. Many have had Ryan return multiple times to repair the same issues. Most related to the quality of their lawn which was promised and barely exists. I recommend if you deal with this company, have an attorney in your back pocket cause you may need it to get issues addressed (and there will be issues).

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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It's a shame you didn't have a lawyer. You should have gotten the seller to fix everything before buying, as you had a contract with the seller.

You had no contractual privity with Ryan. An alternate would be tying in a guarantee from Seller that the warranty wouldntransferborntheybwould fix; but always best to have the repairs done PRE-closing. Go ahead and "inconvenience" the seller; if they want to make the sale, they'll hire a local contractor. Water under the bridge, I know ...

Good luck.

Perhaps you can play the PR card, call your local news station's Action Line, etc. thanks for sharing your story!


The ryan homes is not bad at all we just bought a house it is great ww had a n expector come and there wore no issuise :)