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We bought a home 5 years ago to the day and we had a finished basement, I went downstairs and it smelled like mildew, I then noticed the carpet was wet. I took the carpet up and the pad as well was soak and wet.

I then noticed the baseboard was showing mold on it i removed a portion of the drywall and insulation and there was mold growing on it. It was obvious that this had been occurring. There is a crack that runs from the top of the foundation to the bottom and a clear sign of water coming in. I spoke to Ryan homes and they stated since I was out of the 1 year warranty that there was nothing that they could do.

We paid over 300k for our home and now i am having to have a contractor come out and excavate the outside of my house to fix the problem. When i spoke to the project manager for our area he stated that he has a ryan home and his wall cracked as well. The quality of there products is garbage.

We will be moving soon. I will tell everyone not to buy a ryan home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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I purchased a Ryan home in Bowie MD and I am here to tell you that it's *** down here also. I also call them and they say "your out of the 1 year, this is who you need to call".

They ONLY want to take your money and that's it. If they were ANY type of company, they would give you a 3 year warranty on ALL products. They know d**M well that after 1 year the house is still settling and you will see nail pops and such.. Why come out after a year when you MIGHT not see anything?

I have steps that feels like people will fall through them, nail pops all through my house, a crack in the ceiling that they fixed that has come back (they still won't fix that even though they supposedly did)...

HORRIBLE company, Management, service people, etc... If I wasn't concerned with my credit I would let this *** default.


As a former employee of Ryan Homes and former resident in Ohio in a Ryan Home, I tell people all the time - NEVER buy a Ryan Home in Ohio! The management out there cares about the bottom line and never the customer.

We lived in a great home for 21 years built by Ryan in Frederick, Maryland - best home we ever had! I should have never accepted the promotion and relocation to Ohio.

So glad to be back East after 10 years in a quality home built by a private contractor! Maybe it's the subcontractors out there as well who are at fault!


This should be covered by the 10 year warranty, but the default on claims is DENIED. Maybe people who have not had mold from water intrusion directly related to poor construction quality don't understand how severe this issue is. I've seen it destroy many homes, mine included, while I know most people quietly cover it up and leave ASAP.

Mold problems are not just urban legends, so don't expose yourself to it long term only to find out you have perm health damage the anti-liability people try to sell you "Never happens." We learned the hard way.

This is one of the most profitable (and loved by shareholders/NVR inc)volume builders around. But just common sense should caution people about the quality of a high volume built home driven by shareholder profits above all.

Any cost cutting measure is big for the top, and Ryan Homes doesn't miss a trick when it comes to going on the cheap or cutting a corner. Unfortunately, these are normal and tolerated consequences. It can ruin lives for a what seems like forever, as if life doesn't have enough problems without your dream home becoming the biggest.

I hope having the courage to speak up brings the support you need to move past this. Most people have no idea how ruthless this company is when it comes to protecting it's profits, but just maybe doing the right thing here will be the way that looks best for them as they take another look at your issues. Good luck.