California, Maryland

Sales person will sell you a dream and then you will find yourself in a financial and emotional nightmare. They will ask for a "Good Faith" down payment of $10,000 and then promise from the time foundation is set it will be 6-8 weeks and you will be in your new home.

Its been 9 months, numerous delays which they blame on the developer and during that time they check your credit history every other week, driving you credit score down and then give you a mortgage with an outrageous interest rate and then try to blame your credit score for all the delays.

If you value your time, money and dreams DO NOT GO INTO CONTRACT WITH RYAN HOMES. We took pictures from the time foundation was built, construction of the home, wiring, plumbing - the product they build is not worth the price or aggrevation.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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That is absolutely true, I am living this nightmare now as well. They drove my credit score down with their credit requests, and as soon as it went down, gave me a GFE with an outrageous rate.

Does any one know how to deal with them? Where to complain?



The issue should be with the credit bureau. Once your report is pulled for a mortgage by NVR or whoever, they can pull it during the underwriting period and at closing without affecting your credit.

Check to see why this is lowering with the credit bureaus.

If they say it's due to pulls, then explain they were unauthorized credit checks. I am going with Ryan Homes but using a different mortgage carrier.