Randallstown, Maryland
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We signed a contract with Ryan homes under that impression that as long as we did everything in "good faith" to get a loan, then we were in compliance with our contract. Well "good faith" is a very broad statement which Ryan homes used against us to keep our money.

We were lied to by a salesman who promised "I have never seen Ryan Homes keep anyones deposit, in fact it is ILLEGAL to keep a buyers deposit." LIES. We provided all the documentation they asked for except for one of our W2's. We told Ryan from the beginning that we would not be able to provide this documentation because an extension had been filed and the W2 was not complete. They were fine with this.

Now, our loan has not been approved and they are saying it is because we had not provided all our documentation in "good faith". Therefore they felt they were entitled to keep our $4,000 deposit. Our contract has been cancelled and now we are out $4,000. They are LIARS.

This company will lie to you and steal your money. DO NOT use RYAN HOMES.

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contact state or U.S. Attorney consumer fraud division or Housing/lender dept.