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Ryan Homes driveway issues not resolved!

Some things to think about before you build a Ryan Home....yes, they're inexpensive....but as my 85 year old father still says to this day... "You get what you pay for! " In this case it's true....

I've noticed in their model...They had a "name brand" furnace in their neighbors and myself have "generic" models in our homes....They claim, in order to keep the cost of their homes as low as they are, they purchase from different suppliers to get the best deal...This example was also noticed with their toilets and a pedestal sink....In the model they showed Crane brand toilets, they tried to install Mansfield toilets and a pedestal sink in my home, which is a lesser grade product...I refused to take the Mansfield product...they then installed the Crane brand after they gave me a hard time...They'll show you one thing in a model, then give you something else in your home! Watch out!!!.......

Bad ventilation system concerning the heating and cooling of various rooms.....Some rooms are hot....some are freezing...especially on the second floor....All of my neighbors complained about this issue.....

When they were building the house, I noticed they will not put anything that is unnecessary into the construction of the house....If it meets "code", that's where they stop...I wanted "Tyvek" house wrap installed on the outside of my home, I was even willing to pay extra for the product....They refused to install it stating it wasn't required by code in our area...

My basement leaked, along with half the other Ryan Homes in our section of the development....Stonebridge Creek in Avon, Ohio....the is a development where Ryan Homes moved into when the housing market went South, to offer an inferior product, at a greatly reduced cost compared to the other homes in the neighborhood....If you do build with Ryan Homes, expect to deal with the problems, and a million excuses why you shouldn't be concerned and never have the issues resolved in the long run...

Which leads me to my biggest issue.....My Ryan Home driveway was discolored a blackish gray from an incorrect mixture of calcium when it was poured....a six inch "bubble" resulted at the end of the driveway along with chipping on the surface in various areas about the size of a quarter in about thirty different areas....You could hear and feel the difference in hardness between the correctly poured light colored areas of concrete, and the dark gray areas by scratching a piece of metal along the surface..After having nine various Ryan Managers out....they said they won't replace the driveway....Pick up the Ryan Home Home Owners Booklet, which is a blue booklet....It covers every imaginable situation or problem that may occur to a home , it states they will make repairs at their "discretion" for about 70 percent of the issues that are in the booklet...Which means, they will come up with a million reasons why its not their fault, then, they won't fix the problem....That's how they cover their butt!

You may be tempted by the price, attractive sales reps., and special offers to lure you in.....Do your to Ryan homeowners.....Remember my experience...Then go to plan "B".....Build with some one other than Ryan Homes...

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These reviews are very troubling to me as we just signed a Contract with Ryan Homes to build us a house in Stoney Ridge located in Cincinnati, OH. I chose them because my in-laws had their parents a house built from them 10 years ago and they said their experience with them have been wonderful.

I Love my in -laws house it is beautiful and they've only had 2 major issue's in the 10 years steps were out of code which was replaced by Ryan and the kitchen faucet had a leak which was also replaced. I did go look at another sub division which was being built by Fisher homes up the street but visually we could see that those houses were sub par they didn't even have the model home completely finished. Since we have signed these contracts with NVR and Ryan homes it's to late for us to back out without losing our deposit/ earnest money. Hopefully with this being a VA Loan there will be a lot more effort put into it as the restrictions are higher for this type of loan.

One of my sister in laws who resides in Georgia had a house built there and she stated she's stated that she has experienced several problems within her newly built home and it wasn't built by Ryan. On the flip side I have friends who say they will never have a house built they will buy an already built home because the new homes are being built to fast.

The problem I have with that is here in this area the price of a older home and newly built home are about the same so it only makes sense to have a home built. Well our home will be finished in March of 2019 and we are hoping for the best.