Dundalk, Maryland
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These people saw me coming a mile away. I was vulnerable and they used it.

It was VERY VERY apparent that I COULD NOT afford to buy a home, however, these *** needed the sale so bad that they didn't care. After I was DENIED by NVR they wanted me to go to lender after lender, meanwhile my credit is only getting worse and worse. It took the threat of my lights to be turned off, and the threat of eviction for me to stop the purchase of this home.

After borrowing money over and over again, I'm still in the hole and fighting to get my money returned that they were well aware I had no business giving up. This company has no care for anyone at all, if they did, they would have told me up front instead of telling me I could afford it only to deny me later...Don't trust them, they put the pretty and personable people out front for a reason.

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I am very disappointed at Ryan homes in Westminster, Owings Mills, and Columbia, Maryland also. Their Sales Rep told me I did not even qualify for a home that was in my price range.

I asked him if he was a loan officer, and he told me no. I said then how do you tell me I don't qualify if you are not even a loan officer? I am a Realtor and felt as though I was being steered away from buying the home I wanted, even though my income of over $7000+ a month should have qualified me. They never even took a loan app or asked me to fill out one.

I thought the loan officer was in charge of taking your info and sending it to underwriting. This company has bad employee's who are not trained at all. I am looking elsewhere because I don't feel as though my information was well received or wanted. This is *** poor business practice to have a sales representative being in charge of the loan process, instead of the loan officer.

I even complained to the head of the loan office in Columbia, MD and was told that they are doing their job. A class action lawsuit is definitely what Ryan Homes needs to get their program together.

I have went to another loan company and they told me I was not only pre approved, but I should have no problem getting my loan. This home builder evidently doesn't get it, but the economy is bad, and to have customers in line to purchase their homes, they should be chomping at the bits for sales.


You people are ridiculous. Mean as well.

There is no reason to act like that. I'm sure that person did know. NV/Ryan homes is a grimy, underhanded business....would you all say that it's is the person's fault if they were sending personal information to other lenders? Having other lenders run a person's credit and 'forgetting' to tell the person that they did that?

No reason to act like that.

If you look, there are PLENTY of complaints about that company, you go after the one person that you can. Not cool.


People like you make me sick. What ever happened to self responsibility.

You act like they put a gun to your head.

If you are going to take the step of making a huge purchase, like a home, do your homework, and stop blaming everyone else for putting yourself in that position. Pathetic.


AMEN, Jim! I'm all for assessing blame where blame is due...and it's NOT Ryan Homes fault you signed a contract you couldn' afford. These people should GROW UP!


Sorry but you should know your budget prior to going to purchase a home. If someone was to tell me that I could purchase the Golden Gate Bridge do I believe them?

They are in the business of selling homes...you are in the business of handling your finances.

NV/Ryan look at GROSS income and don't know your individual situation like YOU do. As someone who has made financial mistakes in the past I can put the blame where it belongs here..with you.


I am so sorry that this has happened to you though I am not surprised by it!!! I have a Ryan Home and they do not tell full truths and will push and push and push you in to buying a home.

I am so disappointed that I purchased from them and wish I would have looked around at other builders in my area.

My new home buying experience should have been a wonderful experience and it was complete stress to the point that I became ill from it....Do not purchase a home from Ryan!!! I hope and pray that your financial situation gets better!!!