Chicago, Illinois

I have found that Ryan Homes uses the poorest grade of materials that they can find and they are not honest with their home buyers. I have caught my project manager in numerous lies and they try to give you poor quality, hoping that you will not notice and say anything.

My project manager lied to us about the order of our yard being put in, and then the landscapers used (without my knowledge or consent) our hose to fill up his 500 gallon hydroseeder. Our project manager also promised us that the pipes and sewer caps in our yard would be buried, but he reneged on that as well.

I would not recommend this company, especially in Avon, Ohio. My friend built a Ryan Home in North Ridgeville and her experience was better. Do not gamble your money with this builder. Use another builder.

Monetary Loss: $214.

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I am so disgusted with Ryan Homes. We settled on our home in York, PA in August 2009.

We have had major problems with our HVAC and they have tried everything to patch up the problem w/o fixing what is wrong with the design in the first place. When they come back at your 10 month inspection they will send out the cheapest and most unskilled laborers who often have to come back 2-3 times for the same problem rather than paying for someone who is qualified to make the repairs right the first time. The drywall repairs have been horrendous and I have been fighting with the project manager over it for the past several months. Now this week I have water leaking into my basement from my "radon" pipe, when I called Ryan Homes they said they never heard of that, yet when I attended my homeowners association meeting last night come to find out several people in my development also had the same problem.

Ryan Homes pays no attention to detail, they will cut corners as much as possible and then cover it up with drywall hoping the homewoner never finds it. There web site and all of their sales pitches emphasizes their customer service but when it comes down to it they are far from providing good customer service.

I dont know if other homebuilders operate the same way because we only looked at Ryan Homes because it was in an area that really liked. Buyers beware, and read everything, talk to homeowners who are already living in the development to get their opinion.


Why would you lay down carpeting before all the final painting,staining & touchup is complete? Workers are careless & sloppy.

Don't give a dam.

No pride in their job. Found cigarette butts & beer caps on property.


I agree cheap labor, workers who don't care. No attention to detail.

Work is not done in an orderly menu. For example, going over drywall mistakes & retouching is done after the carpet is layed. Dust all over. Beautiful wood floor was never covered & is filthy.

Where carpet was installed it chipped wood floor. Too many

small defects which is very aggravating. You have to point out every little thing to the project manager who is not on top of his job.

Lot of money to put out for a finished project like this. :sigh

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