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Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY A RYAN HOME. Ryan uses the cheapest materials and labor that money can buy and it shows. On the surface, a Ryan home looks great, but when you actually start living in one, you will be shocked to discover how poorly built the home actually is. I bought my "new" SFH last year, and my blood boils and I am embarrassed that I did not due my research when I made the largest purchase of my life.

The landscaping material is poor and it looks like they bought everything at Walmart at a deeply discounted price. In my community, it is easy to distinguish the Ryan landscaping from the other builders.

On the interior of my home, the paint job looks like some 6th graders had a paint party and painted the house. There was paint everywhere (windows, doorknobs, floors, etc.) The woodwork throughout the house is sub-par, the appliances are cheap and the insulation is a joke! You can actually hear when the bathroom is being used upstairs when you are in the family room or kitchen -- embarrassing. I could go on and on, but I will save my energy that I need to go on to deal with the many issues in my "new" Ryan home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

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Thanks for bringing this to everybody attention. @Inchworm_0515 (original poster), I am surprised, your experience exactly matching what I am currently undergoing..

thanks for penning down everything.. snatched my and I (in the fact most of Ryan Home owners) are sailing in the same junk boats built by one builder RYAN.


I feel very sad for those that get dooped into Ryan Homes. They are like mobile homes.

If you go into their model house everything echoes as you walk around and the walls and floors sound hallow. My parents and I were going in together so that I could purchase my first home and they would not ok a Ryan home. They were run out of the the South Particularly Texas because of their shotty workman ship. My husbands ex-wife got a Ryan Home most recently and well...because she has been so conniving and cruel to me without just cause...I'm looking forward to her upcoming so to come complaints.

Her first complaint was the 13,000 deck she purchased with her lakeside house she thought would be a wrap around deck turned out to be 9X9...Great deck for 13,000, not. I do feel bad for those of you though that have had to go through the troubles encounted by Ryan Homes however, Ryan, Ryland, and any large building company NVP which is the upper-end of Ryan can expect this.


I agreed with the complaints being stated against Ryan homes. They really do suck.

The workmanship,craftsmanship is very poor. The interior of the home steadily deteriorates. I would not advise anyone to purchase a Ryan homes,it has been a complete nighmare for me.

One of the biggest investment one can make in life and because of greed you have dishonest people building houses.I'm a living witness what goes around comes back to you.. God sees everything that you are doing.I dont know how one can sleep at night knowing that they are building houses that isnt fit for a animal to live in.


We have been in our Ryan/Rymarc home for a year and a half ad are still trying to get the inital problems resolved. It took a letter to Ryan's VP in Virgina to get things in our area.

They "fix" one thing and it creates another. We wait for hours on contractors who never show up, don't clean up after themselves and do a half a##ed job. They hire and fire people so face that it seems like there is no one left in teh office when we bought our home, May 2010. The only one left is the salesperson that falsified our change forms.

From what I understand, he is moving up in the company.

We are so fed up that and can't wait for the economy to improve so we can put this lemon on the market and to go back to renting!!


Its because of the way Ryan hires their contractors. Ryan sets the price and then the contractor has to agree. The only contractors who will agree to Ryans price use *** material and do *** work.