East Brunswick, New Jersey

Homes sales in the North East MD, a bait and switch takes place. The website Ryan homes offers several models homes for sale. I went to the location with the idea of purchase a home but when I was ready to complete the deal, I was told that I must use Ryan's Mortgage Company ( Points plus over 10,000 in closing fees).

The bottom line: They refused to sell me the house if I did NOT use their lender.

At the last minute manager told me that I could have the house, using my own mortgage but he would not include the Basement.

After that experience my rating for Ryan Homes is "D-"


Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

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I just purchased a home that Ryan Homes built back in 2006. The concrete work out front is falling apart.

Ryan Homes blames the previous home owner stating they used d-icier. I investigated further to find out that Concrete experts as well as the ACI (American Concrete Institute) both say that the concrete used at my house was not entrained properly. Bad bad Ryan Homes for lying. Ryan Homes then calls me to tell me I dont know what I'm talking about and there is nothing they can do, jerks.

I asked why concrete sidewalks in my town (at least 30 years old) dont break up the way mine is? Onl;y explanation, Cant answre as to why the towns concrete isnt


Do yourself a favor. Get you own lender, they are less likely to lend you the money if the house is seriously over priced.

I am sure NVR will try to be more accommodating.

After all, another name for NVR is Ryan Homes Mortgage.

At least talk to a mortgage broker before committing to NVR. I gained a lot useful information after talking to one broker.


You cant be required to use their lender but you can recieve incentive to do so, this sounds like the case, I just bought a Ryan home and got 4.25% and finished basement. After shopping around the financing, the next closest rate was 4.75 at bank of america. Did you compare the other lenders?


We purchased Ryan home used NVR financing 2008 in Western New York, had minimal construction defects, which they fixed when we notified them. Overall satisfied.


I don't see the point on getting upset over the financing part. This is very simple, if you have your own loan you might get a better closing deal and no point or less interest and closing costs.

If you go and use their financing options you get their incentives.

This is everywhere with everything new you buy.Do some homework first before buying a new house, this is big, Do as many questions you can before taking a decision.

Nobody will obligate you to buy something if you are not comfortable. This should be a great experience not the opposite.


That is 100% correct, if you don't use their financing you don't get the incentives. To me, my own financing was worth more to me than their incentives, however, in NY their current incentive was 1/2 off your first $15,000 in upgrades....no biggie there, I just got the upgrades I could afford.


I just bought a Ryan home and was told that if I didn't use their financing I would lost $27,000 in incentives. Since I plan on paying the house off after my current house sells it wasn't a big deal to me.



I just bought a Ryan home and they encouraged me to use my lender if I could get better financing elsewhere!