Baltimore, Maryland

Absolutely the worst home I have ever owned. Cheap fixtures, poor trim, barely acceptable construction methods, I can go on and on.

My house is poorly insulated (bare minimum)my gas bill is crazy in the winter.

No wall is straight they had to redo everything.

The plumbing doesn't line and nothing is normal stuff you can get a supply store so repairs are a lot of fun.

You must have a home inspection done and make sure they fix everything before you move in or you will get stuck.

Their warranty people break and damage things when they come in to make warranty repairs.

It has been a nightmare dealing with these people. The sales people lied about everything including trim and appliance upgrades .

Do yourself a favor and don't buy from Ryan Homes

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

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ESB, if you are still out there... I am currently having a new townhome constructed and am unable to be there to view the work in process on a daily basis.

However, I plan to get to the site at least weekly. Based upon your experience, do you think I would be able to catch any project flaws visiting at that level of frequency?


Second owner of 2005 Ryan home. Found muddy footprints under carpet pad when replacing carpets...throughout house. Garage walls are cheap plastic, no OSB, plywood.


If you think it cant happen to you, trust me it will.. Any of you who had a "pleasant experiance" consider yourselves lucky,and in 5 years let us know if your experiance is stiil great when the sheetrock falls off the walls..

We didnt think believe it could happen to us and honestly we had lees things wrong with our NEVER renovated 40+ yr old previous home... THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!! They use the cheapeast builder grade *** and even some of the upgrades are pure ***!! Let me put it in simple terms for you, if another builder comes in 40K more for the same sq footage pay it!!

it will be well worth it in the end.. The workmanship in these homes are the worst,the workers dont have a shread of pride in what they do and it shows in every aspect of the home.

I could go on for pages but this site and others very much speak the truth on this builder. The only way things will change is for people to stop buying their products..If I had to do it again I would have a house build by a verified custom home builder or rehab another 50 yr old home that a builder took some pride in building..


I am having a Ryan Homes built and am supposed to close on Friday. I have MULTIPLE complaints.

I have been in on the building process this whole time and never found a problem until we did our walk through. I found about 50 big nicks in our walls, awful paint jobs, muddy fingerprints all over our front porch, nail pops and cracks already,granite on our fireplace was a different color on one side, holes in the ceiling and a very pissy project manager that was annoyed it had to be fixed and acted like it was okay for all this to be here. The project manager said he hired cleaners but yet the inside was filthy. There were scuff marks on bathroom walls, stairs, and dirt all over the bathrooms.

Two light fixtures that were paid for weren't put in also so luckily we caught that. Also, NVR Mortgage called us two days prior to closing and came up with a random excuse postponing closing.

If I had to redo this again I would NEVER EVER buy a Ryan Home! Definitely read up on reviews before you purchase!


Umm....ok. So I am 2 weeks from closing on my new Ryan Home and I have to say, we haven't had any issues. When I see posts like this complaining about fixtures, trims, uneven walls, etc - I just want to ask did you not look at anything before you signed your paperwork? We knew exactly what the fixtures looked like and if we didn't like something, we upgraded as much as we could. My favorite are the people who are like - oh I thought there was a window here, because I saw it in the model. Well, did you ask them if that was a standard window? I'm not trying to belittle anyone, but if you are going to build a home, you need to ask questions. You need to look at the blueprints they show you of the home you picked. You need to familiarize yourself with basic knowledge of building homes so that if you feel something isn't done right, you can speak up. All these complaints are happening AFTER people move in - well, people are human and make mistakes, it happens. Hey, Ryan tried to give us wiring for a light they we were supposed to have. So we asked and they said, yup, that was a mistake. The next day, they corrected it. So be in on the process - then you won't get screwed in the end.

With the building process - we have been to the homesite and then in the home during this process every day or every other day. We caught things that didn't look right or weren't to our satisfaction the day or week that it appeared. So getting close to closing, there are two minor things that need repaired and actually, as of yesterday, one was taken care of. So do people not care about their new, dream home being built until they close? My goodness - the people building our house know us now because we are there all the time.

Just because you are having someone build your home doesn't mean that you can sit back and make the assumption that everything will be done perfectly. No - I am NOT a Ryan employee. I'm just a smart consumer. We haven't had a single issue with Ryan or NVR throughout this process. In fact, we had a rather pleasant one - from the sales person and project manager to the loan officer and settlement team.

Oh - and as a suggestion - use an agent when you go to buy/build. If you don't feel comfortable speaking up - then have them do it for you. We did and we ended up with incentives and a much smoother process.


Ryan Homes has energy star certified homes as of 2010. They get inspected for good insulation and tight construction with no leaks.

Our house is a new one and it is great. Lower bills than ever before.

The standard fixtures (lights, plumbing) aren't the prettiest, but nicer ones are reasonable upgrades through them. My sales person was honest - let me know what upgrades look nicer and there were no surprises.