Chantilly, Virginia
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I have owned a Ryan Home for 8 years in PA. and for the first 6 our bay window leaked. Ryan opened up the ceiling to locate the leak which took several winter months. Our dining room could not be used for the holidays and our heating bill was unbelievable. Furniture was ruined in the process and we lost family photo's.

Also, we have has a leak where the frame meets the poured concrete basement every time it rains heavily. The leak is under the front door and Ryan customer service has stated it is my fault and will have nothing to do with the problem. I have maintenanced the front door and step but the leak still persists.

Our upgraded rugs (beige) have lumps and dirty where they carpet meets the walls - also my fault. We have tried to have them cleaned but the black discoloration can not be removed by steam cleaning and the rugs need to be replaced.

There too numerous other defects to list that they would not correct. We have photos of all the issues to prove the poor construction and workmanship by it sub-contractors.

Once Ryan get your money they then want nothing to do with you !!

We would never recommend a Ryan Home or NVR to anyone.....

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The leak in my bay window has been 'fixed' and no further leaking into my dining room has occured,thankfully.

Now I have a leak in my basement at the interface of the concrete foundation and wood frame. I located a gap where the frame and garage come together - easy fix with perimeter spray foam. However I have a continuing leak that appears to originate at the front door. The front door and frame has been inspected thoroughly and we can not find where, when it rains, water is making it way into my basement (path of least resistance). Ryan claims it is 'MY fault' due to improper maintanance ?! My response is poor workmanship by the fly by night contractors Ryan uses to build my home.

There is no resolution and I need to have a structural engineer inspect the framing to determine possible resolution at my cost. :(


My bay windowed leaked (10 Gallons) during the recent storm. It leaked last year also. Last year they removed the brick sill above and found the flashing was wrong, and also the flashing at the bay window roof was installed wrong.

This time around, I asked to see there construction drawings. It appears a very important section of horizontal flashing, that should be across the top of the bay window is missing.

I will say thus far every concern we have had has been addressed. So I am not going to complain yet. That may be because I know what to look for when problems start and its difficult for them to argue when they realize you have some knowledge and can present a reasonable argument.

Take a look at your bay window, do you see weep holes every 16 inches across the top about one coarse up? If not, that's your problem. Note also, this should be covered by your 10 year warranty, don't let them tell you otherwise.