Columbus, Ohio
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The word condo was in the paperwork but they told us to disregard that because it was legal jargon and any home in our township with an HOA was technically a condo. Not true.

Now we find out we don't own our land but we maintain it!! 15 people complained to corporate and they pointed out the line in the contract that says not to rely on verbal statements. Don't allow them to explain the paperwork! Get a lawyer to explain it to you!!!

They also told some people up the street that their road would soon be made into a cul-de-sac and now they are finding out it is actually going to be extended to a busy road near the highway! This will make their street a short cut to the highway for the whole city and they have small children so they wanted to be on a quiet street.

They will do anything to get you to buy.

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They don't allow them to lie, they teach them how if anything. Their sales people knowingly and willingly lie.

Nothing they "say" matters at all.

If we all could wear a wire, and maybe secret surveillance video while talking with the sales staff or loan rep, maybe their word would be worth something. After you're sold they'll straight up tell you, it's your fault you bought the lies.