Princeton, New Jersey
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The quality of my home is terrible. Every product in the home is bought to look good but reduce costs for them.

The buyer is who pays in the long run. Their homes are well polished tirds. They install low quality windows, split jamb doors, cheap trim, highest upgrades to floors are of average grade, 24" centers on stud walls, and they have outside engineers approve plans that are suspect. They pay someone for an energy star inspection they brag about that any average builder would get and the sales pitch is good.

Very nice employees but they are too young to understand the big picture of this ruthless national homebuilder.

It is a bad decision to buy. I will never again.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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:sigh My Ryan home is 5 years and 7 months old. The company that was supposed to come out and fix nail pops never did - they switched the policy on us. I notice a lot of plain old shoddy work. Walls that have been badly patched during construction (including a sheet of plywood sized patch in the living room ceiling), walls that aren't straight....

Our sump pump doesn't have a check valve (thought that was code?), and originally emptied out right against the foundation. Of course, it developed a crack that had to be repaired, and RH relocated the exit drain. Now, the entire line is sinking, and the exit flap is about an inch below ground level.

The tin roof over the bay window was never sealed at the overlaps, and when there is rain and wind too, it forces water in.

The siding is bowed, like they cut the piece too long and then tried to shove in into place anyway.

The windows are cheap, and the holes where the screen pins are supposed to go in don't line up. Most of the screens have been forced into place. If my HOA Nazies didn't require it, I'd remove them.

Sod was just dropped into place in the yard, the ground was never leveled or soil added below it. And so much waste! I watched them throwing away PALLETS of sod that were left over from other homes being built.

The back portion of my lot is some sort of environmentally protected area, we aren't supposed to build there or anything. But I had to clean an awful lot of builder trash out of there, and even this many years later, still have not gotten up all the broken glass from workers lunches. (I know this was why, as I witnessed them throwing their lunch trash into the yard while I was there measuring for blinds during construction)

My driveway developed a badly sunken spot, and they fixed that, but their equipment caused a mess in the lawn next to the driveway...and whatever they used to resod there is not the same grass as the rest of it. I have a patch of odd colored grass and burrs.

My AC and furnace can't keep up. We have had to keep the master bedroom door closed all the time to keep in the heat or cold. When the wind blows, the upstairs can be as much as 15 degrees hotter or cooler than the room the thermostat is in. We had someone from RH check this out, but he did not find a temperature difference. We used a thermal imager on our own and confirmed the temperature difference. Even with insulating and drywalling the garage, it doesn't help. I would guess the outer walls are not insulated, as the bonus room on the other end of the hall that also has two outside walls to it, is frigid or boiling as well.

After 14 months, the stairs to the basement started squeaking. It's only gotten worse.

The only reason I bought a Ryan Home was because they were the only ones with homes beng built at the time, that would be ready to move into when we neede to be out of the other place. I don't recommend them.


Realtors often get upset when the buyer goes ahead and purchases a newly constructed home without them. They don't want to miss out on the sales commission.

Instead of focusing on the task at hand, which is to sell the client's current home, they are bent out of shape because they feel they "missed out" on the commission of the new home.

Some realtors need to grow up and worry about the task at hand.



Im a Realtor and had a buyer venture into a R.H. on her own and ended up signing a contract.

Yeah, they sucked her in.

I fear that she has made a huge mistake and will understand in about 5 years when stuff starts to fall apart. :(


Hi *** Robertson - we are sorry to hear your experience has been less than satisfactory. We'd like the opportunity to speak to you about your concerns. Please send us your contact information and home address to and we'll have a customer service representative contact you.

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