Columbus, Ohio

I am surprised by this site, it seems a little insane that all of these homes have issues. In our city builders must meet building codes and follow similar methods for building their homes.

It seems like some people are never happy no matter what companies do.

I live in a Ryan Homes in Ohio and have no issues with it. We visited the home while it was being built and saw city inspectors at the home a few times.

I would not spend over 200,000 on a home I thought was going to fall apart.

Just seems like this site is a place for crazy people to complain, they are probably unhappy in general.

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I built my home in 2003. My windows are leaking and my front door needs to be replaced because of rotting wood.

Buying this home was the biggest mistake we ever made. All the ten year warranties are worthless.


I love my Ryan home , the level of follow up is second to none. I have neighbors who built with another builder in the community and can never get anyone to call them back.

My project manager was great always called me back and stood by anything that wasn't correct. What more can you ask for?


Sounds like the biggest nightmare would be know knowing that guy!


It's really bad taste to *** on the pissed consumers here. The anon guy does work as a contractor for Ryan Homes, and the complaints about him, he should lose his license at least, or do jail time at most for things reported about him.

But he will remain anon here until one or the other happens.

There is a technique of teaching your customers to sell you or your product sometimes called creating a referral engine. I doubt this accounts for the apparently sudden outbreak of Ryan Homes blogs that invariably turn out to promote Ryan Homes.

I will eventually see how that scam started.

People tend to say you can't believe everything on the net, which is true, yet they selective believe things they want to.


Complete drivel! Happy customers don't scour the internet looking to negate the posts of victims.

There seems to be an ulterior motive here. It's apparent to me that "Love!," "Anonymous," and "Ryan Home Lover!

(from another review" are one and the same (trust me, I can tell). Apparently, this "happy homeowner" needs to hurt others to get his fix!


I also live in a Ryan Home in Ohio and have no problems. Happy so far!


I have a Ryan home in NE OH and wish I didn't. I have lived in it 4 years now and have put more time in trying to get my house fixed than I've spent relaxing in it.

Leaky roof, large wall cracks, leaking windows and now water coming up through the basement floor. I only found this out when my socks got wet walking around in my finished basement. I had water logged carpet. Pulled the carpet up and saw water coming up through the cracks.

I wish i9 stayed in my 25 year old house. It had a new roof and dry basement


And just one other factoid to address to Mr. imbecile Anonymous.

You directly say that some people are not happy regardless of what the Builder's do in an effort to compensate their defects that culminate into years of devastation as is our case. Let me reiterate, Fully informed, certified letters to each Board of Director's, given hundred's of opportunities to make ammends: response is to hire outside companies to try and force us to shut down out website, and never once an offer for restoration. Ha! I bet with your sarcastic unwillingness to acknowledge the facts, You would not be Happy, I would easily be able to intuit what You may indeed respond with~ but those responses would be censored.

Again, before You post something of which you know very little about, at least have the courtesy to do your research, living life short sighted is just plain pitiful. Just the facts, no melodrama's, or emotionalism. Be Aware. Be Selective.

Be Proactive. :roll


Wow, I have to say that the more I read over these posts, the more ignorance I cannot even believe I find. For Mr.

Anonymous, hiding behind leaving out your name, whether you are male or female certainly isn't factor. Your obvious total oblivious ignorance, You are the one who is quite possibly certifiable! Given the documented evidence provided on, and 100 CURRENT victims of Ryanhomes, as a consciousless builder~ Educate yourself! When you read the facts, unless your are mentally incapable of actually processing facts, then you would bow out and hold your ignorant tongue.

I hold 2 Degrees from a High profile college. Our website is an Advocate for Home Buyer's who want the American Dream and not to get devastation that we have lived and are recovering from. Frankly you are an ignorant ***, obviously incapable of comprehending facts, or better said, having any sort of care of other's wellbeings that Ryan Home's greed has maligned and fully informed turned a greedy blind eye to. Did you catch that?

Both Ryan Homes and NVR have been fully informed, and still never once have they even came remotely close to making ammends for the devastations wreaked by their shoddy practices. I think those reading, especially the one's who visit will know the only one possible incompetent and possibly bordering unstable, is Mr.

loud mouth Anonymous! :eek :x


100 current dissatisfied customers, doesn't even come close to 1% of Ryan Homes customer base for a year! You can't please everyone.

You are the minority. The other 99% are satisfied.

Good day. :)


I wholeheartedly agree with "unhappy for an actual reason." The author of the post seems a bit crazy. How can he possibly make these blanket statements?

There is abundant proof that Ryan Homes makes disastrous mistakes and runs from accountability. It seems to me the anonymous poster is generally unhappy and hopes to bring others down with him.


Crazy may be going to a gripe site when you have no gripes, to post Ryan Homes standard lie for explaining thousand of complaints spread over the net.

Having the ability to summarily dismiss all complaints must make you a genius. Certainly not ***, self serving and disrespectful of people who have had serious problems with Ryan Homes.

You got lucky. You could just as easily been on the other side of the issue, then knowing people who trust Ryan Homes can be made into fools who didn't heed the warnings