Toledo, Ohio

I have to say that I am happy with Ryan Homes. I have a blog that is detailing my experience.

Go to Maybe so many customers aren't happy with Ryan Homes because their cities don't have adequate building inspectors? Our house has been inspected and reinspected multiple times and permits pulled, clearances issued, etc. Their rating with our Better Business Bureau is A+.

I encourage you to get the fact for this builder wherever you are going to build with them. And just remember, happy customers just go about living their lives - it's the ones that are unhappy that take the time to make noise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

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I thank's God i didn't do business with Ryan .

They pissed me off.


Amy - you are either a Ryan sales rep or a complete *** (actually, now that I think of it, the two are mutually inclusive - that means one in the same Amy).


I agree!!


Good luck posting on gripe sites to try to clean up Ryan Homes hard earned horrible reputation online empty/Amy. It's cheaper than fixing the endless supply of their defective homes.

Who doesn't have products they're happy with, and they look up every COMPLAINT site possible to post how happy they are.

You can put anything here, they don't care. This site is about Google ads revenue. All I'm going to keep getting is 10s of millions in forever lost customers who wisely walked from Ryan Homes.


If you want legit true facts on over 100 current victims of owning, or during purchase of a Ryan Home, go to this website!

Amy, Your compliments after my own experience ownning a Ryan Homes Home are repulsive, reprehensible, and might I inquire if You are so bold to advertise for Ryan Homes, be fair enough to do the research, go to!

I myself have lived a 10 year nightmare because my Father before he passed away, picked out a Ryan home that I had built for me. Turns out it had a hidden builder's defect, I have documented proof, I even informed Ryan Homes and NVR, and their board of Directors(certified letters), only to be told to just try and do something to them because they have basically an army of Lawyers, no concern for our wellbeing, only threats to try and make us go away by their attempts of intimidation!(Basic summary) I mean I understand liability issues, but seriously, if they were what they boast about, wouldn't they have been the first to at least offer to make ammends for the devastations? Can you spell consciousless? No, not even once: How can we offer to make restorations?

Not once. I got exposed to 7 different types of toxic mold and developed 2 immune disorders, went from finacially secure to having my every root I had worked for and saved, ripped up and am having to figure out how to restore my life. Only with Prayer assistance can I abstain from abstaining from swearing here, which most would fill the page with having my own personal experience to go on. And before You think I am uneducated, Think again, Well educated, *** Laude infact!

Not only are I and my Significant Other still trying to recover our health, and financial ruin, but we get letters all the time now, as we serve as unpaid Advocates for current victims of this Builder( Ryan Homes/ NVR). I wouldn't waste one precious moment of my time reading your \"Compliments\" just as I doubt You will go and read our factual website, and the letters we get on a regular basis.

It must be just Rosey to ignor current facts, because You choose to live in your Glass house. Just hope You don't have a hidden defect in your own Ryan home \"Castle\" ( Just The Facts!) :( :x :upset


Amy, if You would have had over 10 years of devastation, health repercussions that required you to be on medication for 8 of those years, previously financially very secure, and because of purchasing a Ryanhome that had a hidden defect, as determined by an investigative team from your Home Insurance: You would never be giving props to this unethical Builder, they are not a name to You can trust, they are a Builder everyone should run just hearing their names! Those are Facts, most people happy with Ryan Homes and NVR are on their payroll. :(


where do you live?


where do you live?


@ Jax & @ RyanHomes_I_will_take_a_pass:

that's right, it's "planned" because if anyone has something positive to say about anything, they must be fake, work for that company, or be benefiting somehow from it - I mean REALLY - I couldn't possibly truly be who I say I am



This is a planned Ryan Homes Ad posted all over the place to counter the bad Internet complaints they've earned.

Buy an NVR product and your buying from a fast food restaurant formula for building homes. Cheap is their priority, and corners they cut just to save a few dollars building have put thousands of buyers through ***.


Buying a house is the biggest investment in my life.

I won't take my chance and listen to ThriftyAmy. I don't know who is her employer or her husband employer (or her brother's employer for that matter). I wonder if she owes any Ryan homes shares. Or perhaps she is a freelancer for someone related to Ryan homes. I really don't know. If I have time, I would spend more time with my family than defending (or even promoting a home builder). (In case you are curious, I was a pissed consumer of Ryan Homes and still am.)

I can't help but say this again:

1) Get your own lawyer before siging ANY documents(someone trully represent your interest).

2) Find you own lender, they are less likely to lend you the money if your overpay for the house.

3) Given a chance, if you think the home builders with poor reputation will not cut corner to increase their profit at your expense. In other words, if you quality is not a big concern to you, I think you can buy a house from any home builder. If fact, you should pick the cheapest one.


Hey "c douglas", note the heading from this - it says Ryan Homes Compliment. Maybe that's why you are so :eek :?

You CAN leave compliments on here. Why not check out the blog that's mentioned above.


Amy, did you get commission for lying to all these people? I've lived in a Ryan home for 2 yrs and these places are JUNK!!

I'm selling!!

DONT BUY FROM RYAN HOMES! They use the cheapest material out there.. Make it look

Good until you get in!! And OMG!!

It's crazy the problems we've already had in just.

2 yrs!!! Run like ***!!!


:( :eek :?