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This is our second major issue through the home purchase of a Ryan home; the previous issue we met half way with the division manager (who is now replaced). This last weekend, we were called by the sales representatives at May's Quarter; when we went to meet them in person, we were simply told that our lot we selectively chose was now too small to build our home on.

We would have to choose a new lot from an inventory of sub-par lots which "they" deemed "similar". Keep in mind, NONE of these lots offered the wooded back for privacy, were located on a street that wouldn't see much traffic, and allowed for a walkout basement. Now, they knew of this issue for a couple of weeks, but chose to tell us a week before Christmas. We decided o try and meet with the new division danager, hoping he would apply friendly and sound business practice by fully admitting to Ryan Home's mistake and offering a new lot that WE deemed commensurate with our chosen lot, with little to no additional cost.

What we received was the opposite. First, over the course of an entire business day, I had received NO reply email or call to my email and two voicemails (one call I was directed to Voicemail upon the second ring), not even t tell me he had received my message and was working on it. Upon no acknowledgment of our messages, we went to the offices ad upon entering the Ryan Home's office, we were greeted with scorn and disrespect by the new division manager. We were talked down to in a snide and rude manner virtually the entire meeting and were once again told we were confined to the sub-par lots; we could choose a commensurate lot but would likely be looking at an additional $30K-$40K!

I have NEVER come across a company that says, "Sorry, we had made two critical errors/mistakes in your process, you please take the brunt of our mistake".

I can understand the "new" division manager being in a tough spot as the new guy, but at the very least, we could have been replied to or greeted with "business etiquette" and respect having been put through the ringer two times vice what we received. Now we're in a touch spot, because the community seems great, and my family (particularly my 7 year old daughter) is in love with the model home, however, I have a hard time to be on the receiving end of such disrespect as a customer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like for the company to admit to their mistake and jarring us around twice and allow us to choose a lot WE feel is a commensurate compared to our initial selection at little or no additional cost..

Ryan Homes Cons: Sales people lied, Failure to follow through, No ownership of mistakes, Rude and disrespectful service by manageent.

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