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We are a retired couple in NJ thinking of moving to a Ryan homes community in Delaware. We have seen a community in Bridgeville and will possibly visit Middletown/Smyrna area too.

Can anyone from these areas tell us about their experience with Ryan? Reading these reviews is very scary. We would prefer to build a new home rather than buy a resale, but don't know if we have the stamina to go through it. Don't want to make a terrible mistake.

Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

We liked the Ryan models we have seen so far. Thank you in advance!

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If you still intend on moving to Delaware, here are some tips that will be helpful. There are two electric companies that service Delaware.

One is Delaware Electric Coop and the other is Delmarva. Delmarva is way more expensive than DEC. You'll notice those communities as many homes will use solar panels. Try finding communities that use DEC.

Secondly, most communities heating systems in Delaware are supplied by propane instead of natural gas. Propane is very expensive so I recommend that you have a heat pump installed in your new home. It will cut down the propane use as electric, DEC is very cheap. My highest electric bill to date was 118 dollars.

Thirdly, water in Delaware is very expensive so I would suggest having a well dug for that water to be used for outside irrigation. You can easily get a 900 bill from watering your lawn for 3 months. A well costs 3000 dollars but you will get that back within a few years from not using your tap water. You will definitely miss the shopping stores that you have in New Jersey.

You have to drive to Maryland to go to a shopping Mall. One thing Delaware needs is better stores. If your cell phone carrier is Verdon or AT&T, your phone will operate fine. If you have TMOBILE , you will have to change carriers.

Make sure that the medical plan or Doctors that you use in New Jersey are also available in Delaware. As a GHI member in New York, I found that there were no GHI providers anywhere in Delaware. I had to go to either Maryland or New Jersey for the nearest Doctor. Beware of the many speed traps throughout the State.

The speed will go from 40 to 25 for a few blocks and the local police are waiting to tag you for speeding. I've never been tagged but they are there.


My first comment was cut off. Ryan stockholders are doing well from profits that are made at the expense of the home buyer from the poor workmanship and cheap materials.

You will spend your first year under the warranty fixing breakdowns and shoddy workmanship which continues after your warranty is up.

Schell brothers is the better builder in Delaware. I should have bought in a community called Senators by Schell Brothers.


I bought a Ryan home in Delaware. Very poor workmanship and my advice is to stay away from this builder. Their stockholders are doing very well at of the Ryan home buyer from all of the cheapest contractors in the area and materials that are used in building the home.