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Will just state the facts:

House not centered on foundation.

Every wall had at least four major flaws.

Driveway had to be replaced.

Spacing issue's with wood floors.

Upgraded cabinets are of same quality of stock items.

Project Manager had no knowledge of construction.

75% of the windows had to the drywall removed and replace because of curves.

Tapping and mudding is the worst I've seen. You can see every tape line in the ceilings.

Lighting fixture had very large hole behind them, I guess if you don't see it's not a mistake.

All the walls bow.

Have been the house a year and 2 months and still finding issue. Ryan has so called fixed some issue, but will quickly bring out the housing code's to say, well in with in 1/2 in.

I would recommend, if you are going to have a house build don't. Find one that is a least 25 years old and fix it up. At least when you paint a wall the line will straight between the wall and ceiling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

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Halwan, Al Qahirah, Egypt #255051

Being a Ruan Home owner since 2007, I would have to agree with pretty much everything the anonymous home owner mentioned above. I have had to have my entire bay window replaced due to excessive leaking; the electric/gas fireplace stopping working within 6 months of the house being built; there doesn't appear to be a straight wall or angle in the entire house; the finish work is terrible.

The fact Ryan went through several on-site project managers within months of my moving is, in my opinion, not coincidental!

Would never buy another Ryan home and would never recommend one. Unskilled labor and ineffective site management is ultimately the likely root cause here.


I would like to know where your house was built

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