Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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At only 7 years old the roof needs replaced, the foundation is settling and pulling away from the rest of the house, the furnace and A/C were just replaced, the cement porch had to be repoured and is spalding again "Thanks Tony!", the putty in the exterior wood trim is cracking and peeling out, the electric meter is falling off of the house and the plumbers used 1950 style gate valves on the few copper water lines that we even have. Oh and no way to shut off outside hose bid which is not a frost free. Next time offer them 50% of the asking price since they are homes built by apprentices!

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think maybe i beat you i am 4 years today, & no line was laid for my street for 5 months while I called till somebody finally paid to access and lay lines in for Verizon and Comcast on my road, i had to replace and pay for defective frig…microwave, and water is backing thru- stinking water and thewater is house, not the town definitely the construction totally new ac, leek in the exchange valve, replaced that 2 months later the coil ,,,electricity tripping outlets all day and night ,Delmarva says its the construction in the house, already had a small fire 2 times 1 chandelier with exposed wires, 2 Apple computer were fried, and a telephone. 3 irreparable new 20111 tires had nails from driving out of the community.whole house outside is growing green algae from top to bottom… .think i will stop while i am conscious, i could keep on but i think one day at a time.

so i think as a minority in these communities we ought to get organized and find ourselves a way to get thing better were are orphans. .think to start call local town gov?