Selbyville, Delaware

Be sure you inspect your home before the final inspection. They do not return after 1 year.

Nail Pops, baseboard that separates from wall on stairs to second floor. Air vent in MBR has been broken since install. Found it after the 1 year had passed.

And pay attention to size of the garage, length and width.

Be careful about what the salesperson tells or doesn't till you.

In Del., read the contract carefully. You are buying a home and changes can be made after you sign the contract, and you have NO SAY about it. YOU ARE BUYING A HOME.

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I have to disagree with John because Ryan builds homes with only the investor of their stock in mind and not in the home owner that buys their garbage. Ryan buys every piece of material that goes into the house most of which is very cheap.

The HVAC equipment Comfortmaker is not a high quality brand which is what they use. They then contract the cheapest laborers in the area to put the home together. What you get is a mess that will not last 30 years. The project manager doesn't supervise any of the illegal immigrants putting the place together but rather sees to it that the contractors show up on time and in order so that Ryan can claim another victim.

I wonder if you John work for Ryan or ever owned one of their homes. A little settling in a well built house is normal but this house will continue to settle until you go into settlement to sell it.

A year in a dogs life is equivalent to that of seven years of a human. A year in a Ryan is equivalent to that of 10 in a well built house so if you own a Ryan home for 3 years it will look as if you had owned it for 30 years!


Yes, it's called....YOUR NEW HOME IS SETTLING. It happens to the best of us.

It's very common with nail pops, baseboards separating from walls, cracks in walls, etc. Just because your one year is up, that doesn't mean the issues stop. What do you expect, for them to come back after the year is up to fix these issues? Also, you claim the air vent in bedroom was broken since install, how do you know if you are finding this out a year later?

This is why most builders give you a year warranty.

Go through your home with a fine tooth comb during it, make your list, and they will fix it. Don't complain about these issues AFTER your time is up.


Hi John:

We have a nail pop issue in our five year old Ryan home. Not just a few nails pops that occur from settling but several hundred in every room and every ceiling in our home.

Yes, it's after a year but I'm sorry; hundreds of nails pops in every ceiling and room in your house is not normal.

And yes, they've just started showing up in the least 6 months to a year.