Toledo, Ohio
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Decided to remove the very last of the 70's wall paper in the half bath / closet on the first floor... found mold behind the baseboards and some moldy drywall ..

cut out the drywall and imagine finding the water pipe for the toilet running up the cold air return!!! I will be drilling *** through the floor and moving said pipe.. ripping up the moldy sub floor and replacing the toilet. I also found a large rectangle of drywall cut out of the large piece behind the sink ..

completely taped up with duct tape (I have no idea why) and then they wallpapered right over it! This house has been one accident waiting to happen since it was built. We are the 3rd owners.. Roof had FOUR nails (one in each corner) of every 4 x 8 sheet of plywood on the roof!

This is a link to my fb album of the kitchen reno..

what a MESS!! Don't EVER buy a Ryan Home!!!

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Our home is nothing but a nightmare electrical is so messed up the outte walls are so poorly constructed falling apart our half bath down stairs was the same ...practically insulation in the house...ours was built in the 70s maybe they didnt require alot if what they skimmeped n and put the development up so fast No one cared....I would never recommend a ryan built home old or NEW!!!!!