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I bought a new home from Ryan Homes in Orlando,Fl, Cypress Lakes Subdivision. I would stop by unexpected to check on the construction sometimes.

They had a group of workers there doing the drywall, who could not speek English to me when I asked questions about how they were doing things. Where a wall outlet went, they just took a hammer and knocked out a big hole in the wall. Then after they mounted the outlet facing on the wall, they just put a little plaster where the holes were too big and then painted over it so you wouldn't know until a year later after your 1 year warranty ran out and the plaster started falling out. Also, the corners of the walls, they just again took hammers and knocked the sheet rock off at the edge and put a corner wire piece over the corner and plastered in where the wire didn't cover the holes.

Then after being in my new house for about 8 months, I noticed my power bill was going up and up each month. My A/C was running and running for hours at a time and would not cool the house. This is suppose to be an energy saving home. Del Air was the A/C company and they have to be the worst A/C company in Central Fl.

After months of complaining that the A/C was not working right and costing me hundreds of dollars a month, and having meetings with Del Air supervisor and Ryan's local manager and Ryan's subdivision supervisor ( who acted like they didn't know anything about an A/C and whatever the Del Air guy said was ok with them. Finally ,because I kept calling their home office complaining that $475 a month power bill in Fl. when your trying to turn out all the lights and set the A/C higher was not an energy saving home. Del Air finally sent out a real repair man and fixed the A/C once and for all and my power bill went to $190 a month running the A/C.

Also, I forgot to say that I paid an outside A/C company to come in and tell me what the problem was early in my complaints, and what he said was wrong with the A/C turned out to be the problem, but Ryan would not make Del Air fix the problem.

They kept saying there was no problem. If you want advice---DON'T BUY A RYAN HOME !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I'm having similar issues with a new Ryan home in Maryland. What did the private AC company you hired say the problem was??

My house was finished in December but we didn't settle until the spring, when it was finally warm enough to test the AC it came on no problem and seemed like cold air.

Now that its May and we are hitting 80-90 degree humid weather, it seems like the compressor unit outside is always running (and is very loud/vibrates a ton), but the temp isn't dropping all the way, it even goes up sometimes!. We just got a $300 bill for a half month of AC usage.

We had the AC sub come out to fix a noise issue with the 1st floor return and he added a small return in our unfinished basement - this fixed the noise but made the cooling problem even worse. We are desperate to get this fixed before the super hot summer months!