I live at 6197 Versailles Road, Lakeview, NY, in the Woods at Versailles. There are three homes above my house which are located on a noll.

The water from these homes are running into my yard, causing standing water in my yard. It has become so bad, my yard has formed a rut in the yard. You have placed a large drain, but you have it in the wrong place. You need to have someone come to the location and check out this situation.

I have been very patient for nearly nine years and my patience is running out. I do not want to seek legal action. I just want you to fix the problem. The three homes are located on Shadow Lane.

Thank you.

Margaret E. Cox

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I also live in evans in a ryan home they are horrible fast and furious is all I can say .put them up and get out...iu house none of the outer walls are smooth next to nothing for insulation electrical is *** omg whoever inspected this development back in the late 70s must of been paid off by ryan homes....

Richmond, Virginia, United States #661119

You are going after the wrong company. Ryan buys lots from land developers.

You need to find out who the land developer was as they are they ones who design water runoff, not Ryan.

Ryan just buys the lots and builds the houses. They have nothing to do with how water channels throughout the development.

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