Albany, New York

I've been in a ryan home for 5 years, and nothing has been wrong with it. I typically do a home inspection every couple years just to make sure there are no problems starting to occur, and there's been nothing.

House itself is about 12 years old. EVERY home builder is going to have lemons. And part of why people have problems is because THEY (the homeowners) don't take care of their home.

I will, and am in the process of, having them construct a new home for me. They build great homes with a 10 year warranty.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #892788

Make sure you do a follow up with up on your new Ryan home build.....clown!!!!! You may have got lucky one time but best believe they will *** eventually....

Avon, Ohio, United States #689596

Have to agree with the above reviewer. We live in Avon Ohio and are in our 12th year in a Waverly model we built.

Any problem we've had they have gone above and beyond. Maybe regions have better/worse employees as well as different issues. Different cities also have different building codes which also plays into quality. Lets face it.

Ryan is the Saturn of Home Builders.

Nothing super high end but not the bottom of the Harrell. It's amazing how many people build a home and don't think that it should need any upkeep to keep it water tight, cold resistant, etc.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #600082

Maybe they had our problems, but never figured it out. Carbon Monoxide and toxic mold can really mess up one's ability to be discerning.

For all we know they're real buyers, maybe obliviously drooling on their keyboard when typing this.

And oblivious to the fact they're doing a review on a gripe site with the intent to belittle and insult real victims.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #594356

Everyone I know will never ever buy another Ryan Home. If you are a true owner, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones, reversal of getting a lemon, is getting a good Ryan Home.

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