Herndon, Virginia

We were looking for a Single Family Home in Kirkpactrick Farms, Aldie VA.When we had made our mind to buy the house, we started negotiating the price but we were told that unless we are willing to sign the contract, they will not negotiate on the price. For them, negotiating on price before entering into a contract was shear wastage of time.

The exact words they mentioned were " If you are looking for *** price then its wastage of your and our time.If you're willing to sign the contract, only then we will talk about the price." The way they communicated was so impolite and uncivil that we had to leave their premises there and then.

So Beware of the unpolished and poor staff of ryan homes.

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I am in Sales and I could understand why the rep would not want to get into negotiating without knowing if the customer was serious. I deal everyday with people who are time wasters because the are just looking for a "Good Deal" and are not looking for the product they really like and will enjoy.

They walk into my store and leave the door open walking right past me. They demand to have their questionsed answered but are unwilling to answer any of my questions.

After agreeing to a price they try to negotiate again. I could see the sales person being short and to the point.


I looked at a Ryan home the other day and this is what I found. The service rep did not know her stuff .

She gave us wrong info. The model displayed showed all the optional features. Take away the optional features you then have a square box with a garage. there was a patio out back.

it was not level at all. In fact the left side was 6 " higher then the right.

the steps slanted down. not safe!

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