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Just bought a Ryan Home. Their homes look good until you start living in them then you realize that they use cheap, shoddy materials in everything they do.

My shower basin did not drain. Water laid in there after a shower. They refused to fix it. Water accumulated around the edges of my bathtub.

They refused to fix that also. They will make all the easy repairs but, on the expensive repairs, they dig in and fight you. Everything is cheap - kitchen cabinets, flooring, windows, siding, decking, paint, fixtures, no cleanouts on traps, plumbing fixtures, outdoor faucets. Decks are undersized.

Once I put my patio furniture on the deck, I could hardly move. I had to pay my contractor $5000 to enlarge the deck and put in a set of step to get to the ground. Outrageous - not even steps. For the kitchen cabinets, I suspect Ryan uses factory defects.

We had some defective cabinets that had to be replaced. When the "new cabinets" arrived and were pulled out of the box, they also had obvious defects. Also, why couldn't Ryan paint the garage and not sell a house with bare drywall.

The laundry room had no laundry tub. I could go on all day.

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