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House falling apart Basement floods Front step is caving in Window in bedroom seal is broken French Doors are warped Dry wall falling off Vinyl siding is literally melting off the house Wood around garage rotted Nails popping out of ceiling in all rooms Leak in roof Purchased home at 31 gallant fox lane in egg harbor township , nj I would never recommend a Ryan home for a dog house! Called many times in the beginning to complain and no one ever got back to us.

Customers service sucks! I feel like i was completely taken advantage of and no one cares at this company.

They just keep on building homes and doing shabby work. I should have been like a neighbor of mine and sued them!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I had also purchased a Ryan home in New Jersey and was lucky to recently sell it. I had nothing but problems from day one.

I owned the home for four years and the following items, excluding the sloppy and poor workmanship, broke down during that period. My heating unit broke down seven times and the AC broke down once during that time. The unit was only warranted for the first two years so many of those repairs were out of pocket. The unit was undersized to adequately heat the home so it was always cold in the home and the unit constantly ran.

The AC cooled the house ok. Two of the four appliances were problematic from the start. The refrigerator was replaced under the warranty for a compressor issue. The dishwasher was repaired six times for leaking, five during the warranty and the sixth time out of pocket.

I lost shingles off of the roof on several windy occasions and many repairs after the first year were out of pocket. The basement developed four leaks and the garage developed one leak. Two of the leaks in the basement were out of pocket expenses. Siding sections blew off of the house during the first year and replaced .

That was under the warranty but I had the guy check the entire home and many areas were found to have siding that wasn't secure so that was fixed. The front door bell stopped working as the wire went bad behind the door frame. I had to buy a wireless bell to replace it, again out of pocket. Sveral irrigation heads went bad during the warranty but the installer Ryan used was no longer in business.

Rather than wait until they secured a new vendor, I paid out of pocket to replace three heads that weren't moving and another three during my ownership. The garage door keypad broke after the warranty and replaced . Another out of pocket expense. Regarding the poor workmanship.

The floor was not adequately nailed down. Many walls developed cracks, one running over four feet up the wall. Some walls were not plumb at all and looked crooked. The windows, although ok for builder quality.

Always had dead bugs between the screens and the windows. I would vacuum dead bugs from time to time. Thankfully, I never kept any of the windows open. I could go on about the doors and wood floors but you get the picture.

That brand new house was a money pit and I was glad to have sold it. I would never ever buy or recommend that anyone purchase a Ryan home.