Bristow, Virginia
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I've been in my NV/Ryan home for six years. Our finished attic and half of the second floor was never warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

Three rooms had no air flow.

We had several Furnace repair guys come out and look at it. Finally the furnace died and when it was replaced they found that the furnace was not hooked up to the duct work on half of our home. The air was just blowing into the attic space.

There was no insulation around the pipes. How much money have I been losing.

They also tar-papered over the roof vent. There are many other problems that inspectors should have caught but inspectors are worthless.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $508.

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Bought our home in 2008 furnace has to be ,replaced and no longer works because the builders from Ryan decided to run our furnace while they were dry walling . The dry wall dust got into the furnace and the gypsum in it rotted out the inside components of our furnace.

This is only one of many things we've had go wrong in our Ryan home.

I will never buy one again. Does any one know of any class action lawsuits against them?


Just read Blue Bunny 1. Just finished off 2 rooms in my basement...NV did the rest of it when we bought the house in 2001.

Discovered no air flow in the new room....then discovered no air in the entire east side of the house in the basement and going up to the office and living room. Apparently it was never hooked up furnace people are coming in to let me know the cost to rip out the ceilingand hook it up.


agreed I complained that they should have a quailty program but the rep I talked to disagreed. I think they SUCK and would never purchase another home from them.