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My Husband and I were in the process of trying to purchase a Tri Level Home in Chesapeake, Virginia through builder Ryan Homes, prior to actually filling out the application they would call us all the time stating that certain incentives were available if we signed that weekend and they would only be good at that time incentives like free granite or stainless still appliances etc. We signed for or home in June but our home wasn't going to be ready until Sept.

We did everything they asked us to do we paid our down payment in full, brought in all requested documentation. They had us pick out all of our incentives for each room in the house.....At this point we are estatic about our new home. We requested a fixed rate because my husbands credit score was really high and he had a good paying job with no debt to income ratio.... We had been playing the waiting game for the whole month of July to only find out the last day of the month that we were only approved for the base price of the home meaning that all of the incentives we picked out were for nothing and if we wanted the house the way they planned it out for us we would need to come up with an additional $34k not to mention we had already given them $13k....

We had 3 kids who are all in school and we have to furnish the whole place there is no way we good give then that kind of money like that..... It became very frustrating because we really wanted the house and didn't understand why they would have us pick all of these things out before we know we are approved. I think anyone should know this going forth. Ryan Homes need to come up with another process have their customers get approved first then pick out the incentives they can actually afford.

My husband has a great paying job but side he had not been working there for over 2 years they could not use his overtime hours which was majority of his paycheck and guaranteed and it was listed on the paycheck along with documentation from his company Human Resource department that could validate the amount of hours that he worked and that he would be getting another raise in a month. Not only that when we attempted to call them to see what our other options were no one had time to speak with us nor did they call back. We finally spoke with someone 4 days later only to advise us that we can get a refund but they would have to mail out a release form and we wold have to mail it back then wait another week or so before they could cut us a check. No we need our refund asap to get another home for our kids before school start.....So please beware of Ryan Homes and their process before you decide to purchase a home with them.....

Their Reps were trying to play each other roles meaning she is the seller, builder, loan officer, underwriter all in one trying to tell you what all these different people do then when we actually meet with them the things that were told to us are not even valid....

And they don't communicate with each other...... The whole process was a nightmare.

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My family had a very similar experience not too long ago! In chesapeake, virginia also!

Ryan homes representatives lied to us from day one.

We ended up rescinding the contact within 24 hours of signing it. Ryan homes still cashed our good faith deposit, even though it was rescinded within the 72 hour window. So we are still dealing with them.

Their incentives are actually in the standard features list, so make sure you check that before they tell you that it is free just for a particular time!

We have been getting contacted by the ryan homes rep just about everyday.

Asking why we left, if we found a new house, what we are paying with the new house, saying that ryan homes will match it, etc. we have just stopped responding to these harassing messages.

I would say if you are checking out ryan homes you better have a realtor and a good one at that! Ask a lot of questions, even if they get flustered! Make sure you get pre qualified before accepting their crazy overpriced quotes!

And do your research!

Good riddance, ryan homes.


Wow!!!! I can't believe it I thought we were the only ones most complaints on here are about the quality of the homes or repairs...

We didn't even make it that far we just signed our release of contract documentation and are now waiting on them to refund our down payment, but I totally agree with you on the incentives and getting a realtor to deal with them... House buying is suppose to be fun and exciting not a headache and that's all Ryan Homes gave us...You definitely want to be prequalified before you do anything...

Sorry you had to go through the same thing.... Good Luck

@False Hopes

Consider this an act of God. We live in Carrollton VA, our Ryan Home was built only 10 months ago and it's falling apart. Please save yourself money, time and frustration; stay clear of them.