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Our community is watching a residential community being developed by Ryan Homes and Brantly Development. The problem is that the community is slow to go up and there are so many lawsuits against the developer and home builder it is scary to buy.

The lawsuits make buyers very weary about buying the community. Since Ryan Homes and Brantly development won't assist a consumer to find the lawsuits - we started to explain how to find the lawsuits in the state of Maryland.

It is a sad day when we make the biggest investment of our lives and so many people are unhappy. Of course, you can't fight the mighty companies - some times you just need to post on websites like this!

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I understand completely especially when the litigation is causing other problems in Elkridge!! Extremely overcrowded schools.

No community center yes!! Come to GECA meetings and get involved to fight the Liparinis of the world!!


I would suggest spell check on your web page. It's hard for an individual to take you seriously. Just saying......

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