Simpsonville, South Carolina
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My garage started leaking from all the rain from the recent storm hurricane Joaquin my home is only three years old. The inside of the garage started falling, all the sheet rock.

Tried calling Ryan homes to come out a fix it. There is now structural damage on the walls of the garage a celling. They refuse to come out and fix the women were so rude when talking to them in the office they hung up on my husband saying there was nothing they can do because the roof was only covered for a year. It might have nothing to do with the roof.

The shingles look fine and again its only three years old. I believe it was not structural put together right. We also had a problem a year ago in our bathroom the foundation around the bathtub was cracked. They did come out to fix it they and admitted that they did not put it together right there was things missing which was causing the cracking.

Also told us if it was not fixed it would eventually start leaking from the top floor to the bottom. If my tub was not put together right they it gives me question on the rest of the home especially now that my roof is leaking in my garage. WHAT A JOKE RYAN HOMES I WILL NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. Never had this experience with any other home being our forth.

We Will be seeking legal action against the company. They didn't even come out to the home to see if it was there fault with structural damage and there office staff was rude.

Then again its not there home so who cares.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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A very similar thing happened to us. I hope you are reimbursed for the damaged. Wishing you the best.


What sub division are you in.