Clover, South Carolina

I purchase a Ryan Home 10yrs ago everything looked good except for light switch were not center on the walls a lot or over look things that you could not change because they put the house up so fast it was to late.then a year later the pipes started cracking .they put recall piping in the whole house.This house had problems for the next kitchen and laundry room ceiling had fell in.the house had problems from top to bottom.They did not want to repair anything.Then I found out my neighbors were having the same problem and worst because some had basements.So I recommend not buying one of these home they do not care.

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We bought a Ryan Home 7 years ago, the quality is not there and for the price they charge it is not worth it. The company doesn't care about building quality homes all they care is to make money out of you. We had a lot of problems that needed to be fixed at our expense because they never care to address the issues of their faulty and cheap craftsmanship.


Hi - we'd like to speak to you concerning your Ryan Home and assist in any way that we can. Please email your contact information, including home address to us at and we'll have a customer service manager contact you.

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