Ashland, Virginia
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Corrupt and dishonest business culture runs deep and throughout the company’s culture.

I do not even know where to start but I will not bore people with ALL of the thousands of details and examples, I will just give highlights and examples:

1. NVR Mortgage lied repeatedly about the APR and fees employed unfair and deceptive practices which were clearly illegal. Even when we called them out they would apologize and then try to find new ways to pad their pockets with hidden fees.

2. The sales person that we worked with lied non-stop and would upsell us on options that didn’t even exist. ONE example (and she did this to our neighbors too) She sold us a 2 foot extension on our garage and when we pointed out that the plans online didn’t show this as an option for our model she said the internet plans were out of date. They know stuff like this is a deal breaker early on so they were take your money and say ANYTHING to keep the deal going then try to give you your $1500 back once you catch them in their lie.

3. Once the house is over one year old OR the neighborhood is about sold out, even though you still have to work with them on warranty items such as HVAC issues you may have, they treat you like dirt. I had a part go bad in July and it took them until Oct to fix it. They lied and said the part was on back order but I called the vendor and got the truth. The truth is, they do this on purpose so that you will be so annoyed that you will stop calling them and just pay someone else to fix what they are supposed to cover for free.

Trust me when I tell you there are dozens and dozens of issues that I could tell you about all day. The truth is their culture is one of saying whatever it takes to make a buck, even if it means smiling while they lie to your face. They are nice to you, and put on a good show but from top to bottom they are all liars, cheats and corrupt to the bone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ryan Homes Pros: Floor plans.

Ryan Homes Cons: Sales people lied, No ownership of delays.

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1. I doubt that, the GFE shows everything and the hud has to be that or lower.

Plus you have the option of using your own bank??

2. The sales reps don't get paid a commission on the house so why would the upsell you?

My rep told us they usually try to talk people out of options.

Just kind of all sounds fishy to me


Did you read your truth in lending that was presented to you? Obviously not.

@Spreading some love

Of course I read my truth in lending, how do you think I kept catching them with their hidden fees? I am a banker, I know how it works.

The APR would conspicuously missing on the Truth doc too. Plus they updated it about 8 times and each one was different from the last. Not sure what you are basing your ignorant statement on.

We busted the woman dead to rights on a federal crime and she broke down crying and ADMITTED that we caught her!