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The problems with Ryan Homes (which are many and pervasive throughout the company) are almost as much the buyers fault as Ryan's fault. Every person on the planet knows that Ryan encourages dishonest sales practices, uses the cheapest building materials available (Patriot windows as an example) and untrained tradesmen (they show up in unmarked vans looking like they just came off a weekend of hard drinking).

People are buying these homes because the homes are large and inexpensive. As the saying goes – "you get what you pay for". What makes someone think that one builder can build even a marginal quality home at 30% less than the market price for good quality homes. Buyers undoubtedly read the complaints but go with Ryan anyway hoping their experience will be different (it wont).

Companies like Ryan and Maronda Homes have forced smaller good builders out of the market so consumers like me are forced to wade through the reams of *** homes for sale to try and find a decent house (there aren't many built in the last 20 years).

I hope that the roofs cave in on every person who has a Ryan home built so the Ryan communities can be bulldozed over and a decent builder can come in and start over. It's as much the buyers fault as Ryan's fault – use your head.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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sickings me, buyers fault? maybe for trusting and believing in ryan homes


what kind of person are you?Wishing bad to to everyone who bought ryan homes.I think you are a builder who can't sell his stinky expensive house in this bad economy


Just why do happy home buyers search every complaint site that has Ryan Homes and NVR on it to post happy reviews and discredit people who had problems.

Doesn't matter who's at fault.

If things do go bad, buyer's will pay. An expensive education for first time homebuyers.


Quite frankly, I don't trust any company. I verify everything I can to my full extent. It amazes me that some folks decide to buy a home, visit it once or twice during construction, and then show up for settlement. They are then surprised when they move in and there are problems.

When I bought my Ryan home in 2003, I came to the site at least 4 times a week. Took pictures and video throughout, spoke with the site supervisor, and gave water/gatorade to the contractors. Why, because I wanted them to know they were appreciated and hoped that they would err of the side of doing a better job. Should things have to be like this, no, but they are. It is the same in many other fields. Is it a perfect house, no, but I haven't seen a perfect one yet.

Very nice to wish that everyone's Ryan home caves in.

And not sure why Obama had to be brought into this discussion. Please stop the hate. The republicans had there chance, they screwed stuff up, the dems will fix it, and you all will get your chance to screw it up again.


Lovely to wish hardship on other people. Wonder if you believe in KARMA?

I owned a Ryan (didn't build it) and loved it. I also built an NVHome which is Ryan's sister company and it was great as well. It depends on the project manager.

Some are great, others are not. I don't think Ryan is FANTASTIC like a custom home builder but I think they build a decent product.


Having gripe site about Ryan Homes for ten years+, I get your point. I post many of the complaint letters I get, and lately, they admit they saw my site and many letters of complaint before buying, but still thought "it" wouldn't happen to them.

It's still hard to understand how people would make such a large purchase from a company that has caused so much human misery, and they're actually proud they can get away with it.

But I also get it to a point. The ads are slick, sales people are trained liars,and they just want to believe they are going to get this dream home that seemed beyond reach if they had bought a real home. Like buying that Obama slogan, yes we can, that's now mostly I wish we could have. So they hope for the best, then later hope they can unload it when they find out how bad they screwed up, so the next buyer doesn't know.

I'm also real impressed with how much they give to their causes as philanthropists,(Dwight Schar) while at the same time they often wouldn't even urinate on their customers if they were on fire. Their organization is a real class(less) act.

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