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My Husband and I started looking for our first home purchase in April 2017, well the Relitor took us to a Ryan home site. They went over the process of building and using there in house Leander NVR and what incentive we would get if we went threw them.

Also we were told they where in there final phase of building and they only had 3 sites left and only 1 was not by a pond, we have 4 children and didn’t want to be close to any water so we put the 3,000 dollars down to lock in. well after our first appointment I was very nervous it all seemed to happen so quickly and our Relitor said that this is the best chance we have because the nicer remodeled homes where selling very quickly and way over the listing price. Well you have another 10 day appointment after that to make changes and you can’t change anything after that. Well that’s crazy especially for being a first time home buyer.

Also our PM didn’t go over the different elevations so we assumed that we where getting the one that looked like the one on the folder, well the one on the folder was way over what we wished to spend so we had to go with an Elevation where not crazy about. My husband and I felt we should have added the morning room because that’s structural and most likely wouldn’t be added later so we had to fight for them to make the change. After reading reviews there where upgrade options we didn’t even know where available that our sales rep didn’t go over with us. I think flooring choose and colors is a big decision as well which we feel we didn’t have many options to choose from nor the time to really think about what we wanted.

Everything you want is an upgrad. Even now I wish we could change our stairs to hardwood I went back and forth with this because they charge you twice for the steps the price with carpet is 1,895 and with hardwood is 3,495 and you also get charged at rite rug flooring when you choose wood, but we can’t make anymore changes. We where also told that our house would be built a month early so they would start the build July 3rd and have our road map meeting at the end of this month June. Well when we contacted them about the meeting they told us that they didn’t have a build date so we forwarded the email they sent us confirming the build date and they just danced around the question.

So my Relitor called to talk to them and basically they don’t want the house to be built early now because they don’t want to pay taxes on it. So why say anything at all about the build date. Why lie and say it will be built a month early! I really want to wash my hands of these people.

They have already lied to us and we haven’t even broken ground yet. How can we trust them not to take short cuts with the actual build. All the horrible reviews I have read that I didn’t want to believe could happen to us and it’s already started. We rent right now and our landlord is making plans to have the place rented when we leave, I have no relatives to help us out with our family size of 6 if the house gets delayed in anyway.

At this point I rather loose 3,000 then be stuck with a 331,000 dollar house that’s ***. Also not being completely happy with our chooses because we needed to do research on things first and the flooring chooses being so limited it wasn’t enough time and you don’t go in even knowing what you can choose from. I can’t stand being lied to or to feel like an inconvenience when We are basically signing our lives away and are spending our life savings on this house.

It’s supposed to be our dream house and our forever home to watch our children grown in, our grandchildren and my husband and I grow old together. This isn’t supposed to be an upsetting experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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First off the correct spelling is "realtor"

2nd I would be willing to bet the kids were running around tearing the model apart and you didn't listen to the half the sales rep said during your appointment. Or possibly you were already spending more then your could afford so the sales rep didn't go over the options because you would price yourself out of the house. Maybe if your were smart enough not to bring a "realtor" that they had to pay you could have got them to take more off the sales price and gotten hardwood for free..

to Anonymous #1375951

You may want to check your own grammar and punctuation before correcting someone on their spelling. You missed commas and periods.

You typed "then your" instead of correctly using "than you" and also used "your" instead of "you" later in your post. It's ironic that in the very sentence you were challenging their intelligence by coming with a realtor, and emphasizing the correct spelling of the word, you incorrectly used "your" instead of "you." Oh well, no one is perfect. Right? And most likely I will re-read my own post to you and find errors.

Why would you insult this family's intelligence just because they have a realtor? You have completely ignored her valid concerns.

The point is that they are building their first home, trusting a realtor to guide them, and trusting Ryan Homes to be professional before, during and after the process. It should be an exciting experience, not one full of anxiety.

to Anonymous #1477418

You have no idea what she went through. You obviously work for the company. If you don't have anything nice to say then shut your mouth.

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