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First of all, Ryan Homes does not care about these reviews, which is really sad.

Ryan Homes will NOT allow you to have a buyers agent if you do not bring them with you on your first visit. My client went to the local Ryan Homes at Creekside at Tanyard Springs and told the builder's sales person there, Jill Wooten, that he was working with us, gave her our name, phone number and email address. She wrote everything down, and he said he was already working with us on an existing home and stopped in to look at the townhomes. We went over there to register him and she said that he didn't say he was working with a buyer's agent, that he was only working with us to sell his home. But in the same conversation she said oh yes, you've been negotiating another home "forever" (a week or so) and are still $5k apart. She KNEW he had a buyer's agency agreement and made sure not to notify us that he came in and she said that she was "procuring" cause. Her partner said that he mentioned a "random" RE/MAX agent that he was working with. Seriously? Buyer's agency was put into place in Maryland in 1989 to protect the consumer and builder's reps do not have to be licensed. That means they are not subject to agency law and disclosure. They will do their best to have you sign a contract with them without an agent. These builder's reps do not work for you, they represent the builder and the builder's best interests.

My clients son went in after we found this out and they apologized and said they would "take care of it". They did not. "Corporate" decided, according to the other rep Andy Giel, that they sold 14 homes this month so they don't need to co-op. If it were a slower month like December when they only sold 2 homes, they might not have cared. Seriously?

Make sure you know your rights as a consumer! There is a reason Ryan has sooooo many complaints against them - most of their transactions are done directly with consumers who do not have Realtors working with them and watching their backs!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Ryan Homes Cons: Sales people lied.

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