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We are in the process of buying a Ryan Home and we feel duped. When we first went in to look at lots we were told we could build any model on any lot.

We picked a lot and even put down a deposit to hold that lot. We were then told that we could not build our model on that lot because it would look odd and yield too many steps. Now this being a rear load garage home and the garage being on the basement level I expected a few steps. I figured that the main factor in the number of steps would be the difference in elevation between the road in front of and behind the home.

If the road behind the home sat lower then that would yield fewer steps in front. We were told that we could not build the model that we wanted on the lot we picked because of steps the pad and because it would look odd. This was after being told initially that we could build any model on any lot. The number was about 10.

We then went to another much smaller lot and were told that the model we picked would sit better on that lot and that it would yield fewer steps. I contacted the sales person and stated that the I did not see how the new lot would yield fewer steps, but I was assured that once the pad went down and they started filling the land it would work out better. We went through a month long process of taking time off to pick out all of the options. We came to the pre-construction meeting and found out that the lot we were forced into would yield 16 to 17 steps.

That is almost double what was unacceptable on the original lot we picked,but they were willing to build it on the current lot with that number of steps to the front entrance. So now we were mad and tried to work with the sales person to get something worked out. The first thing they tried to do was to talk us into an even smaller lot which was our least favorite choice to begin with. We threatened to pull out of the contract and are currently waiting to see if they can place us on the lot next to the original one we picked out.

It seems that we were baited and switched and really misled.

I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this situation. We really like the community and the model of home and it would break my wife's heart to walk away, but if they will not allow us to build on an acceptable lot I think I will have to walk away.

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Run..Run..Run as fast as you can from Ryan Homes. If you think what you are going through now is an issue just wait...I have a Ryan Home and have been in it for 3 years now and I'm still having problems that are costing us even more money. Run...Run...Run as fast as you can!!!!


They are so concerned with cutting costs that they cut corners. they are only concerned with the bottom line.

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