Ryan homes have beautiful floor plans that draws potential buyers to purchase their homes but this company fails miserably to deliver quality work. I recently purchased a new home and wished that I did my homework and researched this tacky company before I decided to go with them.

The so called imposter painters did a horrible job. They did not cut into the wall when painting. The hardwood floors are not properly secured tightly. When someone takes a bath you can actually hear the water running between the walls because the walls extremely hallow.

I wish I could changed back the hands of time because I would do my research and not purchase a home with this company who offers such a poor quality of work. Never will I ever purchase a Ryan home in the future. I am planning on selling this my poorly crafted Ryan home. Definitely not a keeper.

Potential buyers be aware and look at the details in newly built homes. Don't go to the model homes like most people do go to a community WHERE homes are being built!

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #824518

I live in a townhouse built in the 70s and can hear water running through pipes in the walls. The home I grew up in built in the 80s was the same way. Seems like you got off easy compared to some of the other Ryan problems posted here.


Just wanted to comment on the water sound. This is very common in newer homes.

The water and sewer lines usually run within the interior walls of a home.

These walls do not have insulation in them, hence the "waterfall" sound when a toilet is flushed or shower is taken. This coupled with the use of PVC pipes, most homes built since the 80s will have this same issue.

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